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If you are having a problem finding your ancestor who may have fought in the 1916 Rising, why not get in touch with our genealogist.   For research on Dublin and  country areas  Tel 018400080  A fee will apply    -     OR

 The list of prisoners from the 1916 Rising consists mostly of young men from all over Ireland who choose to stand up against trained troops of the British Army.  They must have been conscious of the sacrifice they would have to make for their cause.  Those, whose death sentences were commuted to penal servitude for life, were disappointed not to have ‘died for Ireland’.   These are some of the anecdotes we have collected as part of our compilation of lists of those who have taken part in the ‘Fight for Freedom'.  After the Rising they were dispersed to various Gaols throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Some were to die on hunger-strike, others died from the ‘Flu Epidemic in 1918 and others spent years of hardship resulting in the impairment of their health.   We trust you will enjoy browsing our lists; if any name jogs your memory or you recall a family story, please let us know.




Alexander, N; Burns, J: Burke, B: Brophy D: Byrne, T: Berry, W: Byrne, P:Blanchfield, M;  Byrne, J: Buckingham, J; Begley, J;  Byrne, C: Coleman, P: Condron, L; Carpenter, P; Conroy, H; Canny,?; Callan, J; Cox, R; Conway, J; Caffrey, M; Courtney, D;  Campbell, G; Croke, T: Cathan, J; Cassels, J:  Carraty, T; Charlton, M; Clarke, J;  Carrol, P; Craven, T; Doherty, J; Dunn, A; Donohoe, W; Duffy, P; Daniel, H; Dreeland, W; Donnelly, C;  Decceur, E;  Delaney, H; Doyle, T; Donnelly, M; Doyle, J; Doyle, E; Ellis J; Ellis, S; Fogarty, T; Flanagan, J; Foran, J; Frawley, D;  Farren, S; Foley, N;  Friel, B; Foy, M;  Gaynor, A; Gleeson, W; Good, J; Gannon, H; Howlett, M;  Haughton, G; Hynes, J; Hughes, P; Hunter, J; Harnett, J; Hyland, T; Hegarty J; Humphreys, R;  Halpin, R; Hickey, R; Healy, R; Holohan, H; Jackman, N; Kenny, J; Kelly, J; Kenny ,A; Kennedy, J; Keogh, C; Kavanagh, J; Kenny, H; Keogh, J; Kavanagh, J; Kelly, P; Kennedy J;  Kelly, M; Kelly, W; Keogh, E; Lawless, E; Lee, T; Lafferty, J; Lawler, L; Lee, J; McCormack, B; McLoughlin, J; Mulvey, D; Mulvey, W; McGinley W; McGrath, P.B;  McCormack, R; McNieve, W; McNamara, J, McGrath, T; McNamara, P;  McGill, J; McDermott, R; McAuliffe, G; MacGuire, T; McManus, P; McDonald, W; McNally, J; McQuade, T; McNally, F; Moran, P; Morkan, M; Mulligan, A; Murphy, E; Murphy, Wm; Mooney, P; Murphy, F;  Mahon, P; Murphy, M; Mulkearns, J; Mooney, P; Maloney, J; Monahan,  J; Neville, P; Nicholls, H; Nugent, P; Nelson, P; Norton, J; Nolan, P; Neary, D;  Neilan, A; Nolan ?;  O’Connor, P; O’Cahill, J; O’Reilly, S.P; O’Reilly, L; O’Carroll, W; O’Brien, ?;  O’Brien, W; O’Shea, M; O’Callaghan, D; O’Neill, J;  O’Carroll, P;  O’Brien Michael; O’Ryan, O; O’Donoghue, T; Purcell, C; Power, W; Regan, M; Redmond, J; Russell, J; Reid, J; Reilly, P; Reilly, M; Robbins, F; Ridgeway, A; Roche, M; Rooney, J; Rocarter, O; Ryan, W; Simpson, J; Stephenson, P; Sweeney, J; Shannon, M; Saurin, C; Sheridan, J; Stephenson, P; Sexton, J; Stynes, J; Savage, M; Shields, A; Traynor, C; Trell, P; Tallon, C; Toomey, T; Toomey, J; Tuke, E; Tully,?; Whitley, T; Ward, G; Williams, P; Warham, T; Whelan, M. 


A; Byrne, J; Agnew, A.  Bridgeman, E; Bagley, T;  Byrne, J; Breslin,J. Bridgeman,E. Bird, J. J:  Brennan, E; Boland, P; Breslin, T; Burke, E; Bryan, T; Byrne, C; Byrne, J.; Bolger, J; Burke, F; Breslin, P; Craven, B; Cowling, J;  Cole, P; Cody, P; Croke, M; Connaughton, P; Coughlin, J; Cullen, J; Coates, P; Chaney,W; Cassidy,T; Chaney, P; Coughlan, F; Cosgrove, M;  Casey, H; Clifford, D; Collin, P; Cremen, M. Coffey, J; Coyle, W; Cowley, M; Carroll,, M; Carroll, R; Corbally, T; Corbally, R; Callaghan, J; Cassidy, J; Collins, M; Carton, O; Conroy, J; Clinch, P;  Dunne, P; Duffy, J;  Delamere, E;  Donnelly, P; Dowling, A; Duffy, J;  Doyle, J; Dore, E;   Dwyer, J; Duffy, E; Duffy, C;  Donohoe, S; Doyle, J; Dunne, J; Dunne, T; Darcy,W; Dowling, J; Dennany, P; Dervin, P; Doyle, J; Darritt, D; Donohoe, R; Doggett, C; Daly, D; Donegan, J; Early, J; Edwards, M; Ennis, T; English, P; Flanagan, G; Farrelly, J; Foy, F;  Fullam, T; Flanagan, F; Flanagan, M;  Fitzmaurice, G; Ford, J; Feeney, G; Fox, M; Fitzsimonds, M; Farrell, M. Fox, J; Fitzharris, J; Flanagan, M; Flood, J; Geoghegan, J.J; Gavan, J; Gahan, M; Gleeson, T; Gough, J; Garland, P; Garvey, M; Geraghty, C; Gallagher, P: Hayden, J; Hammill, T; Henderson, M; Hayes, J; Henry, F; Healy, P; Hughes, T; Hands, N; Henderson, T; Horan, J; Henderick, E; Healy, J; Harper, J; Hayes J; Henry, F; Halpin, P;  Heery, J; Henderson, F; Joyce, E; Joyce, B; Jackson, P; Kelly, F.M; Kearns, P; Keogh, J, King, J; Kelly, F; Kilgallon, J; King, P;  Kerr, J; King, G; Kearney, T; Kelly, J; Kelly, P; Kerwin, P;  Keating, C; Kavanagh, P; Kenny, J, Kavanagh,P; Kenny, J; Kavanagh, J; King, M;  Lowe, A; Lyons, J; Ledwith, P; Lawlor, L; Lundy, J; Lynch, M; Lynch, P; Little, J; McCormack, J, Marie, L: McArdle, P: M’Entee, J.F; McPartlin, P; M’Keon, O; McNulty, P; M’Grath, M; M’Elligott, M; M’Ardle,J; McGuirke, P; McErratt, L: McNulty, M; ; Monks, A; Murphy, H; M’Guire, F.J: M’Guire, R; McMahon, D; McDonough, J; Madden, J; Mason, F; Murname,W; Meade, H;  Mason (Frank?); Mahon, J; Murphy F; Murphy, J; Maghar, J: Mooney, P; Murtagh, L: Murphy, P: Meekin, G; Meagher, P: MacGinley, J; Noonan, J: Noonan, E; Noonan,C; Nolan, M. Nolan, T; O’Neal, M. O’Kelly, M. O’Gorman, W; O’Brien, O: O’Byrne, J; O’Reilly, D; O’Higgins, B; O’Neill, J; O’Neill, T; O’Reilly, P; Oman, R; O’Reilly,W; O’Connor, J; O’Brien,P; O’Reilly, T; O’Brien, M; O’Byrne, J: O’Brien, W; O’Doherty, W; O’Brien, J; O’Reilly, J; O’Reilly, J; O’Neill, W; O’Brien, T; O’Connor, J; O’Reilly, J; O’Neill, J: O’Connor, J; O’Connell, M; O’Rourke, J; O’Reilly, J; O’Connor, J. O’Connor, T; O’Hanlon, P; Price, J;  Pollard, F; Perry, W;  Poole, P, Poole, C; Rankin, P; Rath, T; Redmond,A; Ryan, L; Ryan,D; Ryan, J; Richmond, J; Ring, W; Ring,C; Ring, J; Ross, W; Shelly, C; Sweeney, J; Sullivan, J; Sweeney, J; Smith, J. Swan, P; Sweeney, P; Steinmayer, C;  Seery, J; Summers, J; Sheridan, J. Shouldice, F; Sullivan J; Shortall,W; Skeils, T; Tobin, M. Turmley, J; Tuohy, S; Tyrrall, T; Thornton, H; Turner, H; Toban, M; Vize, J: Whelan, G. Walsh, J. White, J; Whelan, J; Whelan, J; Walsh, J. Ward, T; Ward, G; Wafer, P; Whelan, W; Walpole, H:


Archibold, Wm: Brogan (Drogan), Patrick; Byrne, Joseph; Brian, Patrick; Byrne, Michael; Byrne, Wm;  Byrne, Joseph; Burke, M; Byrne, Thomas; Byrne, Patrick; Byrne, M; Byrne, Lawrence,; Byrne, Hugh; Brady, James; Buckley, Daniel; Buckley, Wm. J;  Byrne, Frank;  Byrne, John; Byrne, Christopher;  Byrne, Wm; Byrne, Patrick; Burne, James; Byrne, Patrick; Boland, Gerald; Breslin, Patrick; Byrne, John; Byrne, Charles; Blanchfield, Peter; Butler, Christopher; Bowman, Joseph; Boland, Thomas; Bracken, Thomas; Byrne, Joseph; Cordy (Coady), Wm..; Curran,W; Coughlan, James; Carroll, Bartholomew; Carroll, Peter; Collins, John;  Corcoran, Joseph; Christie, Peter; Caulfield, John; Clarke, Joseph; Cullen, John; Cassidy, H; Caffrey, Leo; Cavanagh, Martin; Cavanagh, Thomas; Caffrey, F; Carroll, James; Commerford, Andrew; Casey, James; Corrigan, James; Callan, P; Carlton, T.G; Cotter, Joseph; Carty, Thomas; Cahill, Arthur; Cotter, Joseph; Cunningham, James; Cotter, Richard; Corrigan, Wm; Daly, Philip: Dunne, P:  Dempsey, Wm; Donoghue, Thomas; Dowling, Edward; Delaney, M; Doherty, John; Doyle, Patrick; Doyle, Thomas; Doyle, Joseph; Doyle, Thomas; Dunne John Joseph;  Durham Matthais; Doyle, Christopher; Doolan, Joseph; Drumm, (?Drohan),Thomas;  Doyle, William; Dunne, Denis; Devine, John; Doyle, Peter; Ennis, Christopher;  Ennis, Michael (?Christopher); Egan, Patrick; Edwards, John; Fitzsimons, John; Fitzpatrick, John; Farrell, M; Farrell, James; Fleming, M; Fullerton, George; Foran, James; Fitzpatrick, James; Furlong, Matthew; Furlong, Joseph; Farrell, Wm; Fitzpatrick, Andrew;  Fogarty, James; Griffen, John; Graham, James; Graham, Thomas; Gahan (Galvin?) , Timothy; Gunning, J;  Gunning, Charles; Goulding, James; Grant, Patrick; Gregory, John; Hagan, James;   Hannon, James; Hutchinson, Joseph; Holland (Haloran), Daniel; Holland (Hallington), Robert; Hanney, John; Harvey, Robert; Hanney, Francis (John?); Harvey, Thomas; Heron, James; Jordan, Michael; Joyce, J; Judge, J; Kelly, Thomas; Kenny, Thomas; Kerr (Carr), Neill;  Kelly, Henry; Kelly, Joseph; King, John; Kelly, J: Kennedy, Joseph; Kenny, K; Kavanagh, James; Kavanagh, P; Keogh, James; Kelley, Thomas; Kelly, Wm; Killeen, Robert; Kerr, Michael; Keating, James; Kelly, Matthew; Kerr, Thomas; Kelly, Isaac; Kelly, P: Kelly, Joseph; Kenny, J; Kearns, Thomas; Kearns, Joseph; Kearns, Frank; Kearns, John; Kerrigan, Owen; Laughlin, Patrick; Lawless, James, Losty, Thomas; Lynch, John; Molloy, Charles; Murphy, M; Mullen, Martin; Malone Wm: Murphy, John; Molloy, Michael; Maloney, J; McCormack, John; M’Gloughlin, M; M’Grath, John; M’Grath, Patrick; Molloy, Richard; Murray, Gerald; McCabe, Edward; Murray, G; McCabe, P; McCabe, Wm: Murphy, J; Meade, Daniel; Martin, Peter; M’Glynn, John; Murphy, James; Morgan, John; MacKay, Lawrence; M’Guire, James; M’Donnell, John; Mackey, Michael; Moore, Wm; M’Kee, Richard; M’Mahon, Peter; Meldon, Thomas; Meldon, John; Moran, Patrick; Murphy, Patrick; Makapaltis, Patrick; Masterson, James; M’Donnell; (M’Donald), Patrick; M’Ginley, Patrick; M’Donald, J;  Moore, John; Murphy, F; Mulcahy, Richard; McDonald, John; M’Donald, Michael; Murray, Nicholas; M’Loughlin, Peter; M’Allister, Bernard; Malony, Henry; Murphy, Joseph; M’Cabe, Kevin; M’Evoy, James; M’Donnell, Matthew; M’Donagh, John; Mullen, Martin; M’Keag (M’Kerg), David;  McCann, John; M’Donnell Seamus (James); M’Veigh, James; Murtagh, (?Morton), Bernard; Mullen, Patrick; McKenna, Bernard; M’Quaid, John; Maxwell, Thomas;  Murray, Henry; Nolan, Thomas; Neary, Joseph; O’Dwyer, Michael; O’Neill, Frank; O’Neill, E; O’Neill, Joseph; O’Halloran, C;  O’Brien, Wm; O’Neill, Michael, O’Shea, Dermott; O’Callaghan, J; O’Connor, Thomas; O’Brien, Lorcan; O’Rourke, Michael; O’Rourke, P; O’Callaghan, Michael; O’Rafferty, John; O’Flaherty, Martin; O’Flaherty, Liam; O’Connell, J; O’Reilly, Patrick; O’Brien, Denis; O’Byrne, Joseph; O’Donnell, James; O’Gorman, John; O’Brien, Peter;  O’Byrne, John, Phelan, Michael; Power, Thomas; Perry, James; Perry, George;  Phillips, John; Power, Joseph; Pugh, Thomas; Power, Thomas; Power, Arthur; Power, Wm; Price, Edward; Quigley, J; Reardon, (?Reordon), M;  Russell, J; Redmond, Patrick; Roche, Thomas Q; Roche, Wm;  Reynolds, Charles; Rungien, (Runaungie), Richard; Rooney, Edward; Rooney, James; Server, Stokes, Richard; Stafford, Edward;  Swanzy, Patrick;  Slattery, James; Sleman, Charles; Smith, Michael; Shiels (?Sheeln), James; Saul, John; Stapleton, Wm;  Shanaham, Philip; Schweppe, Fred; Smith, Thomas; Shortall, P; Shelley, Denis; Shelley, Thomas; Tobin, Michael; Tracy, John; Toole, John; Troy, Patrick; Troy, Daniel; Venables, Thomas; Williams, W; Whitmore, William; Whiteham, Christopher, Weston, Bartle; Walsh, Patrick, J; Whelan, Richard; Weston, Charles; Ward, Patrick W; Whelan, M; Walsh, Patrick; Young, Robert; Young, Thomas:

Henry O’Hanrahan, commuted to ten years’ penal servitude.
George Plunkett, John Plunkett, commuted to five years penal servitude.
Philip B.Cosgrave, commuted to five years’ penal servitude.

W. Meehan, R. Kelly, W. Wilson, J.Clarke, J.Marks, J.Brennan, P. Wilson, F. Brooks, R. Coleman, T. Peppard, J.Norton, J. Byrne, T. O’Kelly, sentenced to penal servitudes for twenty years – ten years remitted.
James T. Hughes, penal servitude for ten years – duly confirmed.    Peter Doyle, sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment with hard labour – duly confirmed. J.Wilson, E. Roach, sentenced to two years ’imprisonment with hard labour – duly remitted.



Allwell, Joseph; Boland, Michael; Bradley, Richard; Byrne, Christopher; Byrne. Laurence; Bracken, John Jnr; Burton, Frederick; Bracken, John Snr; Brennin, ?; Byrne, Patrick; Byrne, Henry; Byrne, Michael J; Byrne John; Byrne, Edward;  Banks, Henry; Birmingham,. Patrick; Breen, John; Byrne, Peter; Brennan, Patrick; Breslin, T.F;  Cregg, Laughlin; Campbell ,Michael;   Carroll, Thomas; Carroll, Nick; Cranwell, Edward; Carter, Richard; Clarke, Joseph; Cuffe, Patrick; Carberry, Christopher; Cuff, James;  Cahill, Patrick; Cooper, Robert; Christian, Wm; Casey, Leo; Coffey, William; Cullen, Michael; Cullen, John; Carroll, Dudley; Cosgrove, John; Cassidy, Thomas; Colgan, Daniel; Duffy, Thomas; Donnelly, Simon; Doyle, James; Doyle, James; Duff, Henry; Dunne, James; Doyle, Patrick; Dunphy, John; Dowling, Stephen; Delaney, Joseph; Dempsey, Charles; Dunne, Joseph; Ducia, Patrick; Dunne, Timothy; Dunne, James; Dunne, Andrew; Dunne, John; Dowling, Thomas F; Dowling, Charles; Dowling, Lewis; Finn, Timothy; Finn, Luke; Fulham, Thomas; Fleming, Michael; Flannigan, Patrick; Fay, James; Griffen, M: Guilfoyle, Joseph; Goulding, John; Gibbons, Patrick; Gaskin, Frank; Grace, James; Gill, James; Gilles, Thomas; Gaffikin, Edward Digby; Hardy, Octavus; Hardy, Joseph;  Hickey, Michel; Harvey, Patrick; Hayes, Augustine; Henry, James; Harvey, Joseph C; Hill, Samuel H: Hynes, John; Hannon, James; Irwin, Samuel; Jackson, Francis; Jennings, M.O’S; Jackson, Joseph; Johnston, Edward; Judge, Richard; Joyce, John; Joyce, John; Jones, Peter; Kelly, Michael; Knightly, Michael; Kerford, Patrick; Kiernan, Edward; Kavanagh, Patrick; Kavanagh, Peter; Kavanagh, Patrick; Kavanagh, James; Kelly, Patrick; Kinsella, John; Kavanagh, Michael; Kenny, Wm; Layden, James; Leonard, Matthew; Lamgare, Patrick; Lang, Francis; Lindsay, John; Lynch, Thomas; Langan, Daniel; Lawler, Michael; Edwards, Leonard; Lyons, Joseph; Lynch, George; Malone, John; Murray, Robert; Moriarty, Joseph’ M’Loughlin, Denis; Mullally, Patrick; M’Grath, Joseph; M’Mahon, John; Miller, John J: M’Ginn, George; Navan, Michael, C; Murray, Michael, R; Murphy, Frank; M’Cabe, Peter;  M’Carthy, Patrick; Mannering, Bernard; Murray, Edward; Mallen, Christopher; Murphy, James; Mahon, John;  Mahon, James; Meagher, Michael, M’Dermott, Joseph; M’Kenna, Joseph’ Murphy, James, McNamara, John; McCline, Hubert; Meagher, Patrick; M’Dowell, Cecil; Murphy, Wm; M’Bride,   Patrick; Martin, Joseph; Molloy, Joseph; Murray, James; M’Cabe, William; McDermott, Owen; M’Carthy, Michael; Murphy, Charles; M’Mahon, John; Nolan, Patrick; Nolan, Peter; O’Leary, Arthur; O’Connor, Thomas; O’Moore, Patrick; O’Grady, O’Brien, Patrick;  O’Brien, Tim; O’Duffy, James P: O’Hanlon, John; O’Byrne, Thomas; O’Mara, Peter; O’Reilly, Christopher; O’Connor, Joseph; O’Reilly, Patrick; O’Neill, Andrew;  O’Donoghue, Thomas; O’Brien, Peter; O’Connor, Alfred; Parle, Richard; Porter, Owen; Power, Patrick; Peate, Thomas;  Pender, James; Purcell, Philip; Pender, Wm; Phelan, Patrick; Quinn, Thomas; Quinn, John;  Ryan, Cornelius; Ryan John; Ribton, Thomas; Rowley, Wm; Reilly James; Reilly, Robert; Robinson, Thomas; Rafferty, Thomas, Ryan,   John; Shelly, John; Smith, Albert;  Scully, Thomas; Slack, Patrick; Traynor, Thomas; Treacy, James; Tyrell, James;  Tobin, Patrick; Tannan, Michael A;   Turner, Franc; Thackaberry, William; Tobin, Martin;  Timbrennan, Tobias; Tully, William; Tully, George; Tevercuse; Patrick; Turner, Joseph; Walsh,   Richard;   Welch, James; Walker, James; Williams Patrick; Waters, James; Walpole, Leo; Ward, Patrick; Woodcock, Wm; Wall, Michael F; Wall, Wm; Walsh, Colman. 

On May 29th over sixty women were released from Richmond Barracks. This illustrates that women had played an important role in ‘Easter Week’ as the following were the brave women who were released.


Barrett, Kitty; Brady, Bridget; Brown, Kate; Brown, Martha; Byrne, Mary; Byrne, Katie; Byrne, Eileen; Carron, May; Cooney, Lily; Cooney, Annie; Cooney, Eileen; Cosgrave Marcella; Davis, Bridget; Ennis, Ellen; Fleming, Kathleen; Gahan, May; Goff, Bridget; Grenan, Julia; Hackett, Rosanna; Hegarty, Bridget; Humphreys, Ellen;
Joyce, Maggie; Kelly, Kitty; Kelly, Martha; Kelly, Josephine; Kenny, Bridy, Kennedy, Margaret; Liston, Catherine; Liston, Mary; Lynch, Bessie; Lyons, Bridget; Maher, Kathleen; Markham, Pauline; Martin, Kate; McCauley, Julia; McGowan, Josephine; McLaughlin, Maggie; McNamara, Rose; McNamee, Agnes; Mead, Florence; Mitchell, Caroline; Mullally, Rose; Mulhall, Lizzie; Murphy, Kathleen; Murtagh, Bridget; Norgrove, Annie; Norgrove, Emily; O’Brennan, Lilly; O’Daly, Nora; O’Flaherty, Margaret; O’Hanlon, Sheila; O’Keeffe, Josephine; O’Keeffe, Emily; O’Moore, May; O’Sullivan, Louisa; Partridge, Mary; Quigley, Priscilla; Quigley, Maria; Retz, Barbara; Seery, Kathleen; Shanahan, Jane; Spicer, Josephine; Sullivan, Mary; Treston, Catherine.


Allen, George; Arnold, James; Barry, Joseph; Breen, Patrick; Byrne, James; Burke, Michael; Buckley, J; Byrne, Joseph; Cooper, John; Cullen, Thomas; Cullen, William; Cullen, Michael; Carter, John; Cooney, William; Clarke, James;  Coney, Patrick; Cunningham, Patrick; Cunningham, John; Condron, William; Doyle, Thomas; Dowling, Michael; Darney , John, E; Dunne, Frank; Duggan, Edward; Darby, Charles; Duffy, James; Darcy, John; Doyle, William; Fitzpatrick, Thomas; Farrelly, James; Filey, Matthew; Fitzpatrick, Martin;; Farrell, Joseph; Farrington, Leo; Gogan, John; Gibson, Edward; Gifffney, Michael; Humphries, Richard; Halpin, Joseph; Halpin, James Francis; Kelly, Daniel; King, Leo; Kelly, Michael; Kenny, Joseph; Kelly, Thomas; Kelly, Patrick; Lynch, James, Leeson, John; Lennon, Michael John;  Larkin, John; Lyndon, Patrick; Lambert, Thomas; Moore, Patrick; Moore, Peter; Morgan, Henry; McMahon, Daniel Joseph;  Murphy, Joseph; Murphy, Thomas; Moroney, Thomas; McGill, Edmund; Manning, Michael; Magee, George; Macken, Aloysuis; Maguire, John; Nolan, John; Newman, John, Nugent, Michael; Norries, David Henry; O’Kelly, John; O’Connor, Patrick; O’Neill, George; O’Toole, William; O’Reilly, John; O’Connell, Edward; O’Brien, Stephen; O’Kelly, Frank; Parker, George; Phelan, Thomas; Quinn, Hugh; Rowman, William; Sweeney, Michael; Stritch, James; Saul, James; Staines, Michael; Tallon, Joseph; Whelan, Patrick; Wall, Thomas, Whelan, John:



Bent, John;  Beggs, Joseph; Cusack, John; Corcoran, Patrick; Cadden, Matthew J; Derham, Robert; Dunne, Patrick; Du Bourdien, Arthur; Daly, James, Farrell, John; Fitzgerald, Leo; Ftizgerald, Thomas, Fitzgerald, James; Ganly, William; Gibbons, Pete; Griffiths, William; Gibson, James, Gibson, Denis; Griffiths, Nicholas; Griffiths, Patrick; Hand, Thomas;  Jenkinson,Wm; Jordan, Patrick; Kilmartin, Patrick; Keane, Peter, Keogh, Patrick; Lynch, James; Lacey, Michael, Leggett, Robert; McDermott, McGuinness, Patrick;  Maguire, Joseph; Moore, Denis J: McCormack, Peter;  Maguire, Philip; McHugh, William; McHugh, Miles; Moran, John; Munster, Thomas; McHugh, Edward; McCarthy, Patrick; McDonald, Joseph; O’Reilly, Thomas, Oglesby, Joseph; O’Toole, Joseph; O’Reilly, John; Ryan, John; Reynolds, Michael; Sheriday, Henry; Shiels, John; Sherlock, Joseph; Shanley, John; Tarpey, Michael; Tallon, James, Whelan, Daniel 


Allen, A; Alexander W; Byrne, W; Brandon, J; Boland, C; Byrne, J; Barnes, J; Byrne, P: Black, E; Bulfin, E;  Barrett, J; Byrne, J; Courtney, J; Casey, P; Corish, R; Cullen, T; Connolly, M; Conlon, J; Chapman, P;  Coady, J; Courtney, W; Coady, P; Chapman T; Colgan, P; Clear, T; Carney, F.J;  Conway, J; Courtney, C; Cullen, M; Cullen, J; Connor, M; Cahill, M; Connors, P: Derham, M; Donoghue, J; Donnelly, N;  Doody, P: Doyle, T; Doherty, J: Doyle, R; Doyle, A, Jnr;  Doolan, J; Dwyer, J; Dorin, D; Davis, M;  Darcy, P; Doyle, P.J; Darcy, P; Devereux, T; Devitt, E; Doyle, A; Du Bourdien, J; Doyle, T; Ennis, M; Ellett, E; Ennis, M; Fitzharris, J; Furlong, J; Fortune, W; Fox, B; Fitzpatrick, P; Farrell, H; Fortune, F; Fox, B; Fitzpatrick, P; Farrell, H; Fortune, F; Fox, T;  Franklin, J; Farnon, L; Fitzpatrick, M; Franklin, M; Finn, E; Fielding, T; Gahin, W; Gascoigne, J; Goodall, J; Garrett, J; Gorman, W; Holbroke, M; Hayes, T.J; Hayes, T; Hegarty, J; Holmes, D; Hyland, J; Hutchin, W; Heffernan, M. Hendrick, W; Hickey, B; Horan, M; Halpin, P; Hayes,  J; Irwin, C.J; Jordan, J; Kehoe, P; Kavanagh, J; Kingarroff, T; Kehoe, P; Kelly, M; Keogh, P; Kane, C; Kavanagh, P; Kavanagh, M; Kehoe J. Kehoe, P; Keegan, P;  Keeffe, P; Lacey, J; M’Gowan, J; M’Carthy, T; Maguire, J; Moran, J; Mardley, E; Mahon, P; Murphy, P; Murphy, J; <urphy, P; Murphy, J; Murphy, W; Murphy, J; Mangan, T; Maher, J; Murray, B; Maher, D; M’Macken, B; Moran, P; Moran, J;  Maguire, M; Maher, T; Nolan, M;  Neill, J; Nash, P; O’neill, J; O’Donoghue, H; O’Connell R; O’Brien, M; O’Shea, J; O’Driscoll, R; O’Neill, M; O’Hara, P; O’Reilly, J;  O’Keegan, T; O’Brien, D; O’Connor, D; O’Leary, P; O’Reilly, J; O’Kane, J; O’Brien, J; Osborne, H; Parker, T;  Ruth, W; Reinhardt, W.J; Reynolds, P; Rogers, M; Redmond, E; Royce, W; Reddin, G.M; Reddin, T; Synnott, J; Stafford, W; Sherwin, P; Shiel, M; Stafford, T; Sheehan, P; Sinnott, J; Sinnott, T.D; Stafford, J; Smyth, P; Stokes, T; Sharkey, T; Treanor, T; Tumbleton, P ; Thorpe, W; Thorpe, W;  Tyrell, P; Welsh, P; Williams, H;
Walter, J.J; Walker, J; Walker, M; Wilson, M; Whelan, J; Whelan, J; Walsh, J; White, M. Wilson, J; Wilson, R: 


Amos, George; Armstrong, James; Byrne, Wm: Byrne, John; Byrne, John; Burke, John; Burke, Thomas; Burke, Wm; Burke, John; Burke, Wm; Burke, John;  Bracken, Joseph;  Bevan, Joseph;  Brady, Joseph; Boland, Christopher; Brown, Wm; Boylan, Arthur; Boylan, Edward; Brennan, Peter, John & Joseph;  Breen, Matthew; Breen, Miles; Breen, Joseph; Barnes, Michael; Barnes, Thomas; Breslin, James; Carr, Joseph; Cornese, P.J; Connolly, Joseph; Collins, Maurice; Collins, Michael; Carberry, Charles; Cassidy, Patrick;  Coghlan, Wm; Cooley, Patrick; Cullen Alexander; Cunningham John; Condon, Thomas; Carter, James;  Cummins, Joseph; Conroy, Edward; Connors, John; Derham, Joseph; Duke, Joseph; Duke, Thomas; Donoghue, Richard; Daly, Daniel; Doyle, James; Doyle, Patrick; Doyle, Henry; Doyle, Michael; Dunleary, Christopher;  Duff, Thomas; Dunbar, Martin; Evans, Robert; Earley, P.J; Farrelly, James, Finnegan, Joseph, Fox, Peter, Farrell, Denis;  Fahy, Patrick,  J;  Flynn, Frank; Fuge, Joseph; Flannigan, Thomas; Fuller, John; Flynn, John; Gahan, John; Gahan, Joseph; Gleeson, Martin;    Grogan, James; Golding, Francis; Golding, Patrick; Golding, James; Galvin, James ;Gaynor, Patrick, Geoghegan, E; Glynn, John; Gaskin, Thomas; Haskin, Michael; Halpin, Thomas;  Hastings, John; Hampton, James; Hart, Henry; Hughes, William; Hogan, Patrick; Hogan, Patrick; Hogan, William; Humphreys, James; Hanbury, P; Hynes, Thomas; Hanlon, Michael; Howley, Peter; Hinch, John; Hannigan, Thomas;  Hannigan, Francis; Keenan, Michael; Kelly, Joseph; Kelly Thomas; Kelly, Peter; Kelly, Alderman J.J;  Keogh, Michael; Kain, Thomas; Kirwin, Patrick; Kilkelly, Patrick; Kilkelly, Michael; Kavanagh, Patrick; Kavanagh, John, (or Michael); Kavanagh, J.J; Kavanah, Wm; Kinsella, Robert; Kent, Matthew;  Kenny, Moses; Lynch, John; Logue, Edward; Lyons, Charles; Leech, Stephen; Lysham, Christopher; Mathews, Thomas; Mathews, John; McGrane, Thomas;  McElvogue, Thomas; McElvogue, James, McElvogue, John; McGuirk, Patrick; McAlduff, James; Mullally, Michael; Moroney, John; Molloy, John; Murphy, Patrick; Murphy, James; Murphy, Matthew; Mannion, John; McGuire, James; Murray, Patrick;  McTaggart, Thomas; Moran, Christopher; McManus,Wm; McCann ?  McDonagh, ?  McDonald, Edward; McGill, William; Norgrove, Alfred; Nelson, Thomas; Nugent, Christopher; Nicholls, George; O’Reilly, Kevin; O’Reilly, John N;  O’Connor, Thomas; O’Brien, Joseph; O’Brien, Wm; O’Brien, James; O’Dwyer, James; O’Leary. Philip; O’Leary, Cornelius, O’Neill, John; O’Neill, Peter; O’Hehir, Michael; O’Grady, Standish; O’Rourke, Michael; O’Byrne, John; O’Maille, Patrick; O’Brien, William; Pedlar, William; Parnell, Matthew; Poole, John; Quinn, Wm; Quinn, James; Quigley, James; Roche, Thomas; Ryan, James; Ronayne, Michael; Smullen, Patrick; Sherrin, Thomas; Sexton, Michael; Sears, Wm: Sweetman, John; Smith, John; Scallon, Thomas; Sheehan, Patrick; Steinberger, Val; Taylor, Joseph; Taylor, Thomas; Taylor, Christopher; Thornton, Michael; White, Patrick; Whelan, James; Whelan, John; Whelan, Patrick; Whelan, Thomas; Ward, Patrick; Ward, Bernard; Waldron, Richard; Welsh, Thomas

FRIDAY 12th May 1916:  The execution of James Connolly and John McDermott the last of the seven men who signed the declaration of the Irish Republic on Easter Monday took place on that day.  Others who were executed for taking a prominent part in the rebellion were:  Edward Daly, Michael O’Hanrahan, William Pearse, Cornelius Colbert, John J. Heuston, John McBride, Michael Malin.



Atkinson, Wm: Birrell, Lawrence; Burke, Patrick; Brett, P: Barry, Denis; Begley, Joseph; Behan, Thomas; Blaney, John; Brady, James; Burke, Fintan; Brown,  Barth; Byrne, Nicholas; Byrne, John; Byrne, Martin; Boyce, Lawrence; Byrne, Buckley, Christopher;  Buckley, James;  Brown, William; Cogan, Charles; Crowley, Robert; Cox, Wm; Cox, J.E; Cox, Edward  J;  Comerford, E; Crowley, Patrick; Clegg, James; Connors James; Crowley, Michael; Collins, Edward,; Coyne, James; Crowley, John; Crowley, Tim; Casey, William; Corkerry, Daniel; Carmody, Patrick; Callaghan, John; Crowe, Martin; Duncan, Patrick; Doyle, Michael; Deban, Patrick; Desmond, Denis; Duffy, Edward J; Donovan, Peter; Donovan, John; Doyle, John; Doyle, Wm; Degan, M; Deene, Conor; Driscoll, Thomas; Dempsey, Patrick; Dempsey, James; Doorley, Edward; Doorley, J.J;   Doyle ,Charles; Davies, James .J.;  Daly, Francis; Dean, W; Dwyer, Stephen; Donnolly, Michael, Dobbyn, Henry; Dobbyn, James; Evoy, Daniel; Foley, Michael;  Fanning, John; Fortune, Daniel; Furlong, Thomas; Finegan, John; Furlong, Richard; Fitzgerald, John; Franklin, James; Fitzgerald, James; Fitzgerald, Thomas; Gribban, Thomas; Grieve, Hugh; Gallon, James; Gibbons, Patrick; Gallagher, John; Grehan, John; Heduvan Laurence, Patrick; Harrington, Daniel;  Hales, William; Hales, Robert; Healy, Matthew; Hedley, James; Hartley, J;  Hart, Bernard; Haden, Patrick; Hall, Samuel; Hehoe, Tim; Hanley, Daniel; Hunt, Hubert; Hunt, Wm: Higgins, Maurice; Hart, John; Hamill, Thomas; Hanratty, James; Hughes, Gilbert; Hyde, Patrick;  Hyde, Michael; Hyde, Joseph; Hyde, John; Hegarty, Daniel; Hamilton, Christopher; Hannigan, James; Hegarty, Patrick; Henderson, Leo; Healy, Denis; Heber, John;  Jordon, Daniel; Kelly, Daniel; Kiniry, Martin;  Kiniry, Martin; Keirse, Thomas; Kenny, Christopher; Kenny, Michael; Kenny, Patrick; Kent, John; Kenny, Patrick; Kelly, John; Kavanagh, John;  Kelly, James; Kealy, Martin; Kelly, John E; Kelly, Robert; Kearns, John; Kelly, John; Kenny, Joseph; Kerry, Patrick; Keegan, Michael; Lynch, John; Lynch, Tim; Lynch, Lawrence; Lyng, James; Lennon, Wm; Lalor, James; Lynch, Patrick; De Loughrey, Lawrence; Murphy, Edward J; Mooney, Thomas;  MacGough, O;  McQuill, Joseph; Murphy, John; McGrath, T;  May, Patrick; McCarthy, Joseph; Mullany, John, J:  Murphy, James; Murphy, Wm; McGrath, M; Murray, Peter; Murphy, John;  McLoughlin, Fred; McAllister, Dan; Moran, Louis; Moran, Edward; McCrann, Alfred; Murthagh, Peter; Murphy, Jer; Murphy, D; Mullally, Antony; Madigan, James; Marmion, Tim; McQuillan, Phil; Murphy, Francis; Martin, Edward; McCormack, Michael;  Mooney, Patrick; McDonnell, Wm; McCarthy, John; McGuinness, Francis; McGuirk, Anthony; McMahon, Edward; McInerney, Thomas; McDermott, Edward; Murray, James; Neill,  John, Nowlan, James;  Neary  Thomas; Noctor, John; Noonan, John; Noonan, William; O’Brien, William; O’Brien, James; O’Brien, John; 0’Brien, John; O’Brien, Wm; O’Brien, John; O’Breslin, Charles; O’Connor, Patrick;  O’Connor, James; O’Connell ,Christopher; O’Connell, John; O’Connor, Stephen; O’Connor, Patrick; O’Dwyer, Michael; O’Dwyer, Patrick; O’Doherty, Joseph; O’Doherty, Andrew;  O’Halloran, John; O’Halloran, Tim; O’Keeffe, Michael; O’Kelly, Michael; O’Kennedy, John; O’Kennedy, Philip A;  O’Kennedy, Michael J;   O’Leary, John; O’Leary, S;  O’Leary, James; O’Neill, J; O’Neill, Michael;  O’Neill, Arthur; O’Shea, Patrick; O’Sullivan, Patrick; O’Toole, W; Parsons, Patrick; Prendergast, James; Purcell, Michael; Quinn Thomas; Quinn, George; Quigley, James; Rodgers, Hugh; Roche, John; Ruttle, S.M: Richardson, Joseph; Riordan, Jeremiah; Riordan, Michael;
Rearden, Tim; Reardon, John; Ryan, M; Rynne, Wm; Roche, John; Spillane, John Michael; Shane, Robert; Louis; Shiels, Patrick; Shannon, M.J.; Stokes, John; Selby, Joseph; Sheehan, Michael; Sunderland, John; Stephens, W; Smith, Patrick; Synnott, Pierce; Synnott, Michael; Smyth, Charles; Southwell, John; Sullivan, Edward; Sweeney, Owen; Sheehan, Michael; Travers, Martin;  Travers, John; Tuite, Daniel;  Toomey Richard;  Toomey, James; Thornton, Joseph; Warner, Peter; Walsh, James; Walsh, Laurence; Walsh, Lawrence J;  Wallace, John W; Walshe, Daniel P; Walsh, Redmond; Wickham, Mark; Wilson, H.J.C;  Wall, James; Waldron, Edward, Walsh, James; Windram, S.W.


Bermingham, Thomas; Burke, Patrick; Cryan, Barty; Cryan, Thomas, Crystal, Hugh; Conway, Andrew’ Curtis, W. O’Leary;  Cole, D.L;  Derry, Thomas;  Duffy, Michael; Daly, Michael;  Daly, Patrick; Foley, Thomas; Fagan, Hugh; Fagan, John; Fagan, James;  Griffith, Arthur; Gammon, Edward; Gavin, Charles; Gilmartin, Charles; Gilmartin, John; Gilmartin, John;  Gilmatin, William;  Gardiner, George; Geraghty, Martin; Gavin, John; Gunnigal, Lawrence; Gunnigal, Robert; Hughes, Owen; Heraty, Hubert; Hannon, John; Hannon, Edward; Harrin, Edward; Hickey, Charles; Keane, Manus; Kenny, Patrick, S; Logan, John; McDonnell, Francis; McDonough, John; McDonnell, Paul; McGarrigle, Charles; Meehan, Bernard; Malone, James; O’Shea, John P; O’Rourke, Peter; O’Brien, Thomas; Reilly, Michael; Rooney, Patrick; Ruddy, Joseph; Ralph, Thomas; Redmond, Myles; Ring, M.J.; Sammol, Edward; Tunny, Patrick; Walsh, Thaddeus; 


Barrett, Christopher; Burke, Patrick; Costello, Patrick; Coady, Wm; Cahill, Michael; Cullinane, John, J: Costello, Michael; Caulfield, Charles; Callinan, Thomas;  Coyle, Martin; Cleary, Joseph; Costello, Martin; Cummins, Michael; Cummins,, Edward; Cummins, Wm; Coniffe, Michael, Cleary,  Thomas; B; Dunleary, Michael; Fahy, Lawrence; Feeney, James; Fallon, Michael; Freaney, Wm; Farrell, Michael; Freany, Michael; Galvin, Jeremiah; Gardiner, James; Glynn, Michael; Grealish, Patrick; Howley, Michael; Hynes, Martin; Hughes, Patrick; Higgins, Wm; Henegan, peter; Henegan, Patrick; Howley, Wm; King, Peter; King, John; Kennedy Patrick; Kane, Patrick; Kane, Michael; Kenny, Patrick; Kennedy, Martin; Lynskey, Patrick; McKeon, Peter; McEvoy, Martin; Mulryan, Wm; Murphy, Philip; Murphy, John; Monaghan, John; Newell, Thomas; O’Flaherty, Joseph;  O’Leary, Michael; Ryan, John; Silk, Thomas; Sweeny, Peter; Waldron, John; Walsh, Martin; Wilson, Richard

FRIDAY 19th MAY 1916: Results of trial by Field General Court-martial were issued at Richmond Barracks, Dublin:
Conor McGinley, Dublin, ten years’ penal servitude (seven years remitted);
From Oranmore: John Carrick, Michael Hehir, Christopher Carrick, William Corcoran, Patrick Fury, Eddy Corcoran, Thomas Fury, Patrick Flanagan, James Loughlin, Michael Toole, Joseph Burke, Joseph Howley, Thomas Fury (known as Fred) all received ten years’ penal servitude with five years remitted;
From Kerry: Timothy Brosnan, twenty years’ penal servitude ( fifteen years remitted); James Duhig, James Kennedy, John Brosnan, Abel Mahoney, Michael McKenna and Daniel O’Shea, were all acquitted.   
Colan O’Geary, Mayo, fifteen years’ penal servitude (five years remitted);  John Tomkins, Wexford, Twenty years’ penal servitude (ten years remitted):

MONDAY 22nd MAY 1916: Further results of trials by Field General Court Marshall-martial were announced.   Sentenced to death, sentence confirmed by the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief commuted to penal servitude as stated:    Jeremiah C. Lynch, Dublin, 10 years’ penal servitude;  Peter Galligan, Wexford, 5 years’ penal servitude. Patrick Fahy, Galway, penal servitude for life, commuted to 10 years penal servitude;  Thomas Desmond Fitzgerald, Dublin, 20 years’ penal servitude,   (10 years remitted); William Partridge, Dublin, 15 years’ penal servitude (five years remitted); Michael Fleming, Senior, Galway, 5 years’ penal servitude, (2 years remitted);  John Corcoran, Galway, 5 years’ penal servitude, (2 years remitted); William Hussey, Galway, 5 years’ penal servitude (2 years remitted); sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour confirmed by the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief:  Michael Fleming, Junior, Galway, one year: 


Most counties in Ireland were represented as the following results of the trials by Field General Courts-martial were announced on Monday 15th May: Te years, the following were sentenced to death, and sentence commuted to penal servitude by the General Officer Commanding-in-~Chief:

Brian Molloy, Galway, ten years;  Michael de Lacy, Enniscorthy, five years; John R. Etchingham, Enniscorthy, five years; Robert Brennan, Enniscorthy, five years; James Rafter, Enniscorthy, five years; Richard F. King, Enniscorthy, five years;  James Doyle, Enniscorthy, five years.  
Sentenced to penal servitude, and sentence confirmed by the  General Officer Commanding-in-Chief: James Joyce, Dublin, ten years (seven years remitted); Philip Joseph McMahon, Dundalk, five years (tow years remitted); Michael Reynolds, Dundalk, five years (two years remitted); John Quinn, Dundalk, three years:

Sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour, and confirmed  by the General Office Commanding-in-Chief:  From Athenry – Michael, two years (eighteen months remitted\);el Grady, one year; Charles White, one year; John Haniffy, one year; Martin Bansberry, one year; Michael Higgins, one year; John Grady, one year; James Murray, one year; Thomas Barrett, one year; Patrick Kennedy, one year; Thomas Kennedy, one year; Murtagh Fahy, one year; Michael Donohue, one year;   
From Maynooth:  Patrick Weafer, two years (eighteen months remitted); John Graves, two years (eighteen months remitted);   Joseph Ledwich, two years (eighteen months remitted);  Acquitted: John Kennedy, Athenry:


Barrett, Pat; Burke, Patrick; Burke, Peter; Cleary, James; Cleary, Thomas; Connolly, Patrick; Cullen, James Joseph;  Cullen, James; Daley, John; Devereux, Eugene; Doherty, John;    Dolan, James, N; Dooley, John; Dooley, Michael; Doyle, Patrick; Dwyer, Peter; Egan, Thomas, Fahy, Thomas; Fenlon, Wm;  Flanagan, James; Gardiner, John; Gilgan, Bryan; Gilgan, Thomas; Henehan, Patrick J; Hynes, Martin, Hynes, Patrick; Kenny, John; Larden, James; Lawless, Peter; Mahon, Peter; Murphy, Michael; Murphy, James; O’Connor, R; O’Loughlin, James; O’Loughlin, Thomas, Rooney, Joseph; Rossiter, Edward; Wafer, John; Walsh, Michael; Young, Joseph: 


Boland, Patrick; Browne, John; Burke, Thomas; Burke, Edward; Burns, Michael; Carroll, James; Coen, James, Coen, Martin;  Collohan; Thomas; Collohan, Patrick; Connor, Patrick; Connolly, Bryan; Connolly, Thomas; Corbett, Thomas; Corbett, Peter; Corbett, Patrick; Coughlan, Charles; Coy, James; Coy, Patrick;  Coy, Michael;  Craven, John;  Cunniffe, Thomas;  Cuniffe, Michael;  Cuniffe, Patrick; Currin, James;  Delahunty, Michael;  Dempsey, Patrick; Donnellan, Patrick;  Doyle, Thomas; Duffy, William;  Earl, Joseph;  Egan, Michael; Egan, Martin; Fahey John; Fahey, Michael; Fahey, Patrick; Flynn, James;  Forde, Patrick;  Forde, Michael;  Forde, John;  Frowley, John;  Gardiner, James;  Gogan, Michael; Gilligan, Patrick; Grealish, Thomas; Greene, Martin J; Haniffy, Michael; Haniffy, James;  Haverty, Richard; Healy, Michael; Hession, Michael;  Higgins, Patrick; Hynes, Denis; Hynes, John;  Hynes, Michael; Kelly, William; Kelly, Michael; Kennedy, Martin; Lawless, John; Lawless, Patrick; Loughrey, John;  Lyons, William; McGigne, Patrick;  McGlynn, Martin; McGlynn Patrick;  McNamara, Michael; Maloney, Thomas; Maloney, John; Marti, Patrick; Melody, Michael;  Molloy, Michael; Moloney, Michael;  John; Moran; Mullins, Martin; Naughton, Thomas;  Nestor, Patrick; O’Brien, Michael; Roche, Edward; Roughan, Peter; Rudy, H.C;   Stafford, Mat;  Sweeney, Patrick; Walsh, Waltter; Walsh, Patrick; Ward, James; White, Patrick, White, Joseph:


Benn, Wm;  Berry Blake, Michael; Brennan, M;  Brennan, M; Burke, William; Burke, S; Burns, Michael; Burns, James; Burns, Patrick; Casserly, M;  Clifford, P; Connolly, R; Connolly, J; Connor, James; Cooney, Dominick; Correen, Joseph; Cullinan, John; Cunniff, Thomas; Cunningham, P; Dalton, L.J;  Daly, Patrick; Deely, Jeremiah; Drohan, F;  Egan, J; Fahy, Michael, Fahy, John; Fallon, Bernard; Flanagan, Patrick; Foley, Edward; Forde, P; Forde, William; Garvey, Law; Glynn, James; Golding, Patrick; Greany, Hugh; Halpin, Thomas; Hassett, Daniel; Haverty, James; Hawkins, Thomas; Healy, Patrick; Heffernan, J; Hilton, Thomas; Hughes, Thomas; Hynes, Wm:  Ivers, Thomas; Joyce, Michael; Joyce, P: Keane, Martin; Keane, D; Kearney, Francis; Kelly, James; Kelly, Thomas; Kelly, William; Kelly, Patrick;  Kelly, James; Kennedy, John; Kilkelly, Patrick ;  McGuire, P; McKenna, John; Mackey, John; Maloney, P.J;  Mitchell, John; Moloney, Martin; Moore James; Moran, B; Morin, John; Morrissey, Gilbert; Morrissey, Richard; Morrissey, J; Morris, Patrick; Mullen, M; Murphy  ? ;  Murphy, Thomas; Murphy, Martin; Nelly, John; Newell, J.J; Newell, Martin; Noone, Patrick; Noone, James; O’Connor, Matthew; O’Hanlon, P: O’Kennedy, T.J: O’Reilly, ?;  Piggott, P; Quinn, John; Rogers, T.F; Rooney, Martin;       Rooney, John; Ryan, John; Ryan, J; Ryan, W.E; Stephenson, T; tally, Thomas; Toole, Martin; Trayers, M; Walsh, Patrick; Walsh,D:

Sentenced to death, and the sentences commuted to penal servitude by the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief:
Edward De Valera, penal servitude for life;  Thomas Ashe, penal servitude for life;
John McArdle, three years;  C. O’Donovan, five years;  John Sholdice, five years; Frank Lawless, ten years; James Lawless, ten years;
Sentenced to penal servitude and confirmed:  Richard Hayes, ten years; Henry James Boland, ten years (five years remitted); Gerald Crofts, ten years (five years remitted); Frank Drennan, twenty years (ten years remitted).
Sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour:  Charles O’Neill, one year.


Abernatty  (Habernatty?), Henry; Burke, Martin; Byrne, Alphonsus; Cassidy, John; Coleman, J.J.: Concannon, Patrick; Connolly, Thomas; Culligan, Bernard; Cummins, Patrick; Cunniffe, James; Daly, Patrick; Daly, Thomas; Darcy, James;  Darcy, John; Davis, John; Doherty, Daniel; Doyle, Michael; Flannery, B.J.; Fox, John; Goen, John; Grealy, Peter; Hyland, Matthew; Jennings, James; Kavanagh, James; Kelly, Joe; Kelly, W.J.; Kyne, Michael; Lennon, Philip; Loughran, W.J.; Martin, Thomas; McCormick, Thomas;  McGrath, Thomas; McGrath, Patrick; McKenna, B; Molloy, John; Morley, J.F;  Murphy, Arthur; Murphy, F; Murphy, Michael; Neeson, John, Nolan, Thomas; O’Brien, James; O’Brien, John; O’Connor, Thomas; O’Donnell, Denis;  O’Donnell, A; O’Gara, Bartley;  O’Hara, T.F.; O’Neill, James; O’Reilly, Pat;
Quill, Michael; Raul, Laurence; Ryan, Patrick, J: Sargeant, Philip; Sinnott, Patrick; Trimble, Joseph; Tobin, Patrick; Wade, Michael, Ward, Thomas; Watkins, Thomas:


Ahern, M;  Ahern, Con;  Barrett, Edward;  Butterly, John; Butterly, Nicholas; Burke, Thomas, Brennan, John; Burns, Peter; Cotton, A.W; Conway, Michael; Curtin, Thomas; Collins, David;  Cornan, John; Duggan, William;  De Loughey, Peter; Fahey, John;    Flannery, Michael;  Fergus, Tim; Fury, Stephen; Fury, Michael;   Flaherty, M;  Fleming, Patrick; Fleming, George; Fahy, John; Fahey, John J; Fahey, Peter; Fahey, Patrick; Grealish, John; Gregan, Edward;  Glynn, James; Griffing, M; Grealish, Pat;  Gregan , James;  Gantley, Patrick; Geraghty, George;  Gill, Joseph;  Heron, Sam; Hurley, John;   Hanlon, David; Hanley, John; Hanniffy, Martin; Howley, Patrick; Halloran, Denis; Hanrahan, Edward;   Hourihan, John;  Harris, M.J;  Hynes, Thomas; arte, Pat;  Haskins, Robert; Harris, T. F;   Higgins, James; Jordan, Pat;  Keane, Pat; Kelly, Thomas; Kelly, Thomas; King, Pat; Kelly, James;  Kelly, T;  Layng, Joseph; Langley, W.T;  Leahy, M;  Lynch, M; Murray, James; Meade, W.J;  Meade, J.W; Malinn, Peter; Mahon, Pat;  Malone, James; McBride, Joseph;  McSweeney, T.J; Mulrennan, Wm:  Mahon, Thomas;  Mulroynan, Bart;  McKeever, Andrew;  Mulroyan, John; Manning, Daniel; Manning, Denis; Murphy, Michael; Murphy, J;  Newell, Wm; Newell, James;  O’Mahoney, John; O’Shea, P:  O’Mahoney, C;  O’Driscoll, J;  O’Shea, T;  O’Sullivan, M;  O’Madden, P.L;  O’Hourihan, Peter; O’Loughlin, T;  O’Dea, John; O’Leary, Joseph; O’Dwyer, Edward; Rickard, James; Ruane, Michael; Scullen, Patrick; Tracey, T; Tomkins; Patrick, Tracey, M:


Bindon, John; Byrne, Joseph; Cullaghan ?;  Cuffe, Thomas; Collins, J; Casserly, Peter; deBourca P; Donoghue, D; Donnelly, Pat; Feeney, Pat; Fitzgerald, R; Foley, J; Ferguson, Michael; Hennessy, W; Horgan, Wm; Hanlon, James; Larkin, John; Lyons, John; McArten, B; MCrory, Hugh; Mullen, D; Murphy, M;  Maguire, Bernard; Martin, Ambrose; Minahan, James; Malone, Thomas; Nolan, Bart; Newell, Michael, Newell, Edward; Nogan, J; Neyland, Thomas; O’Neill, John; O’Neill, John; O’Brien, Patrick; O’Connor, B; O’Hehir, Hugh; O’Kelly, John T; O’Donovan, Thomas, O’Leary, J; O’Dea, Michael;  O’Sullivan, S; O’Connell, J; O’Keeffe, Pat; Raffley, Michael; Scullen, J.J; Smyth, Michael; Shannon, Charles, Ward, P;



Booth, Frank; Birrell, P.T; Bindon, Thomas; Connell, John; Fallon, Bernard; Foran, T; Hessin, Michael;  Johnson, Michael; Keane, James; Keane, John;  Keigheny, M; Kelly, Wm; Lally, Frank; Larkin, Joseph; Lynch, Michael; McCann, Pierce; McDowell, Charles, McCullough, Denis; McInery, Thomas; Mannion, Michael; Monaghan, Pat; McNally, Peter; Merriman, Thomas; Mitchell, Pat;  Mason, Thomas; Nolan, Thomas;  Neasly, James;   O’Dea, Frank;  O’Neill, John;     Quirke, Felix; Quirke, Martin; Ryder, Michael; Rourke, James; Ronan, Pat; Stanton, Michael; Silver, Patrick; Shaughnessy, Michael; Stanley, J.M; Smith, James; Tanner, Wm;  Thompson, Martin; Thompson, Thomas; Wall, Martin; Walsh, Michael; Wilson, Thomas:


Brennan, James; Barrett, James; Byrne, Joseph; Connolly, Alex; Connolly, Joseph; Connors, Joseph; Cleary, John; Connell, Thomas; Daly, Thomas; Dunne, Arthur; Duggan, Thomas; Dundon, Edward; Fury, Thomas; Healy, F.F;  Howlett, John; Kennedy, Luke; Lalor, Patrick; McCarthy, Daniel; McLinn, Joseph; Morrissey, Martin; Murphy, Eugene; Murphy, Con; Monaghan, Philip; Morris, William; Murphy, N.J.; Milroy, John; O’Keefe, Eugene; O’Connor, M.J; O’Brien, William; O’Reilly, Paul; Roughan, Bryan; Ryan, John; Redmond, Laurence; Sullivan, Con; Silver, Michael; Sexton, Timothy; Spillane, Michael; Supple, Patrick; Walsh, John; Walsh, Michael; Wall, John:


Costello, Martin; Donoghue, Con:  Donoghue, Patrick; Finlay, John; Freaney, Michael; Fahy, Patrick; Hales, John;  Herty, Thomas; Halpin, William Robert;  Hanratty, James;  Halpin, William Thomas;  Hearne, Edward;  Jourdan, Stephen Joseph;   Kelly, John;  Kelly, Michael;  Larkin, Stephen;  McCrave, Thomas,  Murphy, Richard;  Nielan, Martin; Nolan, Patrick Joseph;  Reilly O’Dea, Thomas; O’Dea, Patrick Francis;  Stokes, Thomas Joseph; Thornton, Joseph:

 Many of those who fought in Easter Week 1916 languished in British Gaols.  Most counties in Ireland were represented;

To Frongoch Wales


Agnew, Arthur, Kimmage Garrison;  Alexander, Nicholas, Bridge St; Allwell, Joseph, Townsend St; Arnold, James, Dolphins Barn; Aungier, Richard, Lusk;  Balfe, Richard, Irishtown; Bannon, John (ICA) Beggs, Joseph, Skerries; Begley, Bermingham Daniel, Drumcondra; Begley, John, North Circular Road; Bent, John,  Swift Row; Bermingham, Andrew, Bermingham, John, Drumcondra;  Billings, Joseph, North Strand; Bird, James (ICA), Rutland Cottages; Blanchfield, Peter, Blanchfield, Michael, North Circular Road; Boland, Gerald, Clontarf;  Boland, Michael, Rathfarnham; Boland, Patrick, Arbour Hill; Bowen, Bartholomew, Howth; Bowman, Joseph, Inchicore;   Boylan, Thomas, South Circular Road;  Bracken, John, Snr, Bracken John, Jnr, Portobello; Bracken, Joseph, Clontarf; Bradley, Patrick (ICA), Inchicore; Brady, Christopher, (ICA), Foley Street, Brady, James, Bride Street; Brandon, John, Blackrock; Breen, John, South Circular Road;  Brennan, Edward, Arbour Hill; Breslin, Patrick, Foley Street; Bridgeman, Edward, Rathmines; Brogan, Patrick, Lusk;  Brophy, Daniel, Lusk; Broughan, James, Laurence Street; Brown, William, Bolton Street; Bryan, Thomas, (ICA) Guild Street; Buckley, William J, Great Charles Street; Burke, B; Rathfarnham; Burke, Edward (ICA) Meath Street; Burke, Frank, Rathfarnham; Burke, Matt (ICA) Brabazon Street; Burke, Thomas F, James Street; Burns, James, Paul Street; Butler, Christopher (no address); Bryne, Ambrose, Arran Quay; Byrne, A, Blackpitts; Byrne, E, Meath Street; Byrne, Frank, Terenure; Byrne Henry, Camden Place; Byrne, James, Lower Mayor Street; Byrne, J. Terenure; Byrne, John, North Portland Street; Byrne, John, Clarendon Street; Byrne, John, Summerhill; Byrne Joseph (ICA) Barrow Street; Byrne, Laurence, Arran Quay; Byrne, Michael, Donore Avenue; Byrne, Michael, Cork Street; Byrne, Michael, Townsend Street; Byrne, Patrick, Terenure; Byrne, Patrick, Donore Avenue; Byrne, Patrick, Camden Place; Byrne, Peter, Barrow Street; Byrne, P.J. North Richmond Street;
Coates, Peter (ICA), Oriel Street; Cody, John P, North Strand; Coffey, Joseph, Glasnevin; Cole, Walter, Mountjoy Square; Colley, Harry, Clonliffe Rd; Collins, A, Dundrum; Collins, Maurice, Clonliffe Rd; Comerford, Andrew, Upper Kevin St; Condron, L, Blackhall Parade; Condron, William, Grove Road; Conlon, James, Castleknock;  Connolly, Joseph (ICA), Tara Station Fire Station; Connor, James, Rickardstown; Conroy, Herbert, Clontarf;, Conroy, John(ICA), North Strand; Cooling, Joseph, Mespil Road; Cooper, John (ICA), Lennox St; Cooper, Robert, Clarendon St;  Corbally, Richard, (ICA), Gardiner Street; Corbally, Thomas, Willowbank; Corcoran, Joseph, James St;  Corless, Patrick J; Glasnevin; Cosgrove, John, Grattan Street; Cotter, Joseph,  Cotter Richard, Cotter Thomas, Drumcondra;  Coughlan, James, Bridge Street Upper; Coughlan, J, Irishtown; Courtney, Daniel (ICA), North Strand; Courtney, John, Ross Road;  Cowley, Mick, Rathfarnham; Coyle, Thomas (ICA), Grand Canal St:  Coyle, William, Temple St; Craven, Thomas,  Frederick Street North; Croke, M. Drumcondra; Cuffe, Thomas, South Circular Rd;  Cullen, James, Wexford St; Cullen, John, Percy Place; Cullen, Liam, Philipsburgh Ave; Cullen, Michael, High St; Cullen, Pat (ICA), Parnell St; Cullen, Thomas, New Row; Cummins Mark, Great Georges St. Sth; Cunningham, James, Upper Oriel St; Cunningham, John, Dundrum; Curran, William, Cork Street:  O connell James, Yellow walls Malahide    

Daly. Francis, Daly James, Clontarf;  Daly, James, Bishop Street; Daly, Patrick, Fitzroy Avenue; Daly Patrick, Marino Ave; Daly, Thomas (ICA), Fairview; Daly, William, North Frederick St: Daniel, Henry (ICA) Gardiner St; Darcy, James, Milltown; Darcy, William, Lower Camden St: De Couer, Bob (ICA), Charles St; Delemere, Edward, St. Nicholas St; Dennany, Patrick, Buckingham Terrace;  Derham Joseph, North Frederick St; Derham, Matthias, Skerries; Derham, Michael, Drumcondra; Devine, John, Lusk; Devitt, Dan, Russell St; Devoy, James, Fairview Strand; Dixon, Henry, Cabra Rd; Doggett, Christopher, Charlemont Place;   Doherty, James, Ballybough Rd; Doherty, John, Dolphin’s Barn;  Domican, John, Weavers Square; Donnelly, Charles, Rathfarnham; Donnelly, Michael (ICA), St. Stephen’s Green West;  Donnelly, Pat, Rathfarnham; Donnelly, Simon, Wexford St; Doolan, Joseph, Terenure; Dowling, Michael, Castleknock; Doyle, Christopher, Dolphin’s Barn; Doyle, Edward (ICA) Broadstone Station Ave; Doyle, Henry, Ringsend; Doyle, James, Haddington Rd; Doyle, James H, Lower Kevin St; Doyle, John, Lower Kevin St; Doyle John, Dalkey; Doyle, John, Mountpelier Hill; Doyle, Joseph, James St; Doyle, Joe (ICA), Capel St; Doyle, Patrick, South Circular Rd; Doyle, Peter, Lusk; Doyle, Thomas, Donore Ave; Doyle, William, Lissenhall, Swords; Drennan, Thomas, Dollymount;  Ducie, Patrick, Dun Laoghaire; Duff, Thomas, Swords; Duffy, Christopher, Castleknock; Duffy, Edward, Castleknock;  Duffy, John, Reuben Ave; Duffy, P.K. (ICA), North Wall; Duke, Thomas P, St. Margaret’s; Dunne, Andrew (ICA), Great Brunswick St;  Dunne, Denis, Brighton Gardens; Dunne, Frank, Clonmore Rd; Dunne, Joe, Liffey St; Dunne John Joseph, South Circular Road; Dunne, Patrick, Vicar Street; Dunne, Patrick Sth. Great Georges St;  Dunne, Peter, Donore  Ave; Dunne, Thomas Upper Liffey St; Dwyer, James (ICA), Cork St; Earley, Patrick J, Swords; Early, J, Richmond Place; Edwards, John, Edwards, Michael, South Circular Rd; Elmes, Ellett (ICA), Phibsboro; Ellis, John, Drumcondra; Ellis, Sam, 19 Blessington Street; English, Patrick Castleknock;  Christopher, North Strand; Ennis, Michael, North Strand; Ennis, Thomas, Richmond Crescent; Farrell, Denis (ICA), Rutland St; Farrell, M. Cork St; Farrell, Michael, Lr. Dorset St; Farren, Stephen, Coles Lane; Finlay, John (ICA),North Cumberland St;  Finn, Timothy, Blackrock; Fitzgerald, James, Fitzgerald, Leo, Great Brunswick St;  Fitzhenry, John, Oriel St; Fitzmaurice, Gerald, Orchard Tce; Fitzpatrick, Andrew, Charlotte Tce; Fitzpatrick, James, Kilmainham; Fitzpatrick, Thomas, Bride St; Fitzsimons, M, Blessington St; Flaherty, Martin, Rialto; Flanagan, James, Belvedere Rd; Flanagan, Maurice, Blessington St; Flanagan, P, Ringsend St; Fleming, Michael, Drumcondra; Flood, Sean, Summerhill Parade; Fogarty, Thomas, Fitzroy Ave; Foran, James, Dolphins Barn; Fox, Seamus, Church Road; Foy, Fred, Chapelizod; Foy, M. (ICA), Little Denmark St; Fullerton, George (ICA), Bow Lane; Fullam, Thomas, Denzille St; Furlong, Matthew, Seville Place:

Gahan , Joseph, Nicholas St; Ganly, William, Skerries; Gahan, Matt, Nicholas Street; Gahan, Timothy, Wood Quay;  Gannon, Henry, Rathfarnham; Garland, Patrick, Lr. Kevin St; Garvey, Michael, Lr.Camden St;  Gascoingne, John, Blackrock;  Gaskin, Thomas, Reuben Ave; Gavin, John, Fairview; Gaynor, A,  Aughrim Villas; Geraghty, Christy, Prussia St; Gibbons, Peter, Skerries; Gibson, Edward, Blackpitts; Gibson, Michael, Lr. Kevin St; Gibson, Richard, Temple St;  Giffney, Michael, Seville Place Cottages; Gill, James New Row St;  Gleeson, Martin, Harolds Cross;  Gleeson, Thomas, Dominick, (ICA), Gleeson, Thomas (ICA), Lr; Dominick St:  Glynn, James, Fairbrothers Fields; Gogan, John, Rathgar; Good, Joseph, Eccles St; Gough, James Lusk; Gough, James (ICA), North Richmond St; Goulding, Charles,  Goulding James, Belvedere Avenue;  Goulding,John, S.C.Rd;  Grace, James, Longwood Ave; Graham, James, Thomas St;  Graham, Thomas, Reginald St; ,Graham, James, Dolphin’s Barn; Grant, Patrick, G.N.R. Cottages, Baldoyle; Gregan, James, Dun Laoghaire; Gregory, John, Fairview; Griffin, Martin, Sandymount; Griffin, John, Gardiner Place;  Guilfoyle, John, Guilfoyle, Joseph, Pleasant’s St;   Hagan, James, Gray St;  Halpin, Peter, Oxmantown Rd;  Halpin, William Robert, St Valintine’s Tce;  Halpin, William Thomas, Lr. Dominick St; Hamill, Thomas, St. James Tce, S.C.R;  Hampton, James, Mary’s Abbey;  Hand, Matt (ICA), Gt. Langford St;   Hand, Thomas, Milverton, Skerries; Hannigan, Thomas, Gt. Western Sq; Harmon, James J, St Laurence St; Harper, John, Benburb St; Harnet, Alfred, Milltown; Harvey, Joseph, Mount Pleasant Ave; Hayden, James, James St; Hayes, A, Emerald St;  Hayes, Augustine, Hume St; Hayes, Seamus, Malahide Rd, Marino; Healy, Diarmuid, Upr. Gardiner St; Healy, P, Phibsboro Rd; Heffernan, Michael, Inchicore; Hegarty, John O’Kelly, Connaught St;  Hegarty, John, Dun Laoghaire; Henderson, Frank Henderson, Leo, Fairview;  Henderson, Michael, Henderson, Thomas, St. Kevin’s Rd. S.C.R;  Hendrick, Edward, Upr. Dominic St;  Henry, Fred (ICA), Charlemount St; Henry Frank (ICA), Fennell’s Cottages, Charlemount St; Henry, James,  Hanover St; Heron, James, North Strand; Hickey, Michael, Lennox St, SCR;  Hickey, Richard, Harold’s Cross;  Higgins, James, N.C.Rd; Hilton, Thomas, Marlboro St; Holland, Daniel  Holland, Robert, Riverdale Tce, Inchicore; Holohan, Hugh, Amiens St; Holohan, Patrick Rutland Street; Howlett, John, Gt. Ship St;  Howlett, Michael, Mountjoy St; Hughes, Patrick, Little Denmark St;  Humphries, Robert, North Strand;  Hunter, James, Ballybough Rd;  Hutchinson, Joseph, Summerhill Parade; Hyland, James, Lr Bridge St; Hynes, John, Queen St; Hynes, John North Commons, Lusk;


Irwin, Samuel, Nicholas St;  Ivors, Thomas, Ranelagh; Jackson, Joseph, South King St; Jackson, Peter,(ICA) St. Augustine St; Joyce, Edward (ICA), Charles St; Joyce, John .V, Terenure;  Joyce, John, Artane; Judge, Colm, Terenure; Kain, Thomas (ICA), Arran Quay, Kane, Kit, Townsend St; Kavanagh, James, Sth. Gt; Georges St;  Kavanagh, James, Marrowbone Lane;  Kavanagh, James, Bishop St.,  Kavanagh, James T, Lr. Dorset St; Kavanagh, J. Upr. Gloucester St; Kavanagh, J. Gardiner St; Kavanagh, J.J. Princes St, Sth;  Kavanagh, Michael, Pleasants St; Kavanagh, Patrick, Ross Rd; Kavanagh Patrick, North Wall;  Kavanagh, Patrick Upr. Dorset St;  Kavanagh, Peter, Ross Road;  Kavanagh, Patrick, North Wall; Kavanagh, Patrick, Upper Dorset St; Kavanagh, William, Pleasants Street; Kearney, Tom, Ballyboden, Rathfarnham; Kearns, Frank, Kearns, John, Kearns, Joseph, Kearns, Thomas,St. Clements Road; Kearns, Patrick, Daniel Street Sth; Keating, Con, Portland Place; Kelly, Dick, Lusk; Kelly, J. Commons West, Swords; Kelly, John (ICA), Swifts Row; Kelly, Joseph J, Killarney Parade, N.C.Rd; Kelly, Joseph P. Corduff, Lusk; Kelly, Michael, (ICA), Back Lane; Kelly, Patrick, St. Nicholas Place;  Kelly, Richard, Sth. Gloucester St; Kelly, Thomas, Corduff, Lusk; Kelly, W. (ICA), Bishop St; Kelly, Joseph, Grand Canal, Inchicore; Kennedy, Joseph, North King St; Kennedy, Luke, Nth. Great Charles St; Kenny, Henry, Gt. Charles, St;  Kenny, James, N. C. Rd; Kenny, James, Terenure; Kenny, James, Dolphin’s Barn; Kenny, J., Rueben St; Kenny, J. Belvedere Ave, Kenny, J. Blessington St; Keogh, Bernard, Ranelagh; Keogh, Cyril, Richmond Parade, N.C.Rd; Keogh, Edward (ICA), Inchicore;  Keogh, James (ICA), Keogh, John, High St; Keogh, John, Orwell Rd (ICA) Kerr, Michael, Lakeland Lodge Tce;  Kerrigan, Owen, Upr. Rathmines; Killeen, Robert, (ICA), Dorset St; King, George, Larkfield (Kimmage Garrison); King, John, Drumcondra; King, Pat, Daniel St; Kinsella, John, Ranelagh; 


Lacey, Philip, (ICA), Brabazon St;  Lamb, Thomas, Milltown;  Lalor, Edward, Sandymount; Lalor, Patrick, Valentia Tce., N.C.Rd;  Lanigan, Patrick, Artane; Larkin, John, North Cumberland, St;  Larkin, John, Larkin Joseph, Lr. Dorset St; Lawless, Edward, Swords; Lawless, James, Seville Place; Lawless, Joseph, Swords; Lawlor, Frank, Arbour Hill; Lawlor, Laurence, Arbour Hill; Leahy, Thomas, Buckingham St; Lee, Joseph, Rathfarnham, Leggitt, Robert, Hardwick Place; Lennon, Michael J; Longwood Close; Liston, N, South Square, Inchicore; Little, James , (ICA), Upper Clanbrassil St; Logue, Edward, Ushers Quay; Losty, Thomas, North Wall; Lynch, Martin, North Strand; Lynch, Michael, Grantham St;  Lynch, Michael, Drumcondra; Lynch, William, North Wall; Lyons, Charles, Portland Place; Lyons, Edward, Ballybough Rd; Lyons, George, Duke St; Lyons, John E, Portland Place; Lyons, Joseph, Finglas Rd; McAllister, Bernard, Donabate;  McArdle, James, McArdle, Patrick, Portland Row; McBride, Patrick, Boyne St;  McCabe, Patrick, Kimmage; McCabe, Kevin, South Circular Rd; McCabe, Patrick, Townsend St; McCabe, William, Mc Cabe, Peter,  Kimmage; McCabe, William, Dominick St; McCann, John, Lusk;  McCarthy, Daniel, Dolphin’s Barn; McCarthy, Bernard, Ringsend; McCarthy, Michael, Ranelagh; McCormack, B. Ranelagh; McCormack, Richard (ICA), North King St; MacDermott, Joseph, Mark St; McDermott, Owen, Artane; McDermott, Rory, Harcourt St; McDonagh, Joe (ICA), Sutton Rd., Baldoyle; McDonald, John, Lr. Oriel St; McDonnell, James, Strand St. Skerries; McDonnell, Matt, Portland St;  McDonnell, Patrick, Upr. Gardiner St; McDonnell, John, North Strand; McDonnell, William, Oriel St; MacDowell, Cathal, Sandymount; McEvitt, Louis, Usher’s Quay; McGill, J., Rathmines; McGinley, Edward, Drumcondra Rd; McGinley, Patrick, Fitzgibbon St; McGinn, Michael, Strand Road; McGlynn, John, Portobello Harbour; McGowan, James, (ICA), Botanic Ave; Magrath, John J. East Essex St; McGrath, P.B. Belgrave Sq; McGrath, Patrick, Bellevue Buildings; McGrath Tom, Grenville St; McGuirk, Donore Ave, S.C.Rd; McKee, Richard, Finglas Bridge; McKenna, Bernard, Fingal St;  McKenna, John, Cork St; McKenna, John, Milltown; McKeon, Owen, University College Dublin; McLoughlin, J, North King Street; McLoughlin, Peter, South King St; McMahon, Dan, (ICA), Coombe St;  McMahon, Daniel, J., Portobello; McMahon, John, Sandwith St; McMahon, Peter, Upr. Gardiner St;  McManus, Patrick, Frederick St. Nth; McNally, Frank, Ballybough Rd; McNally, J.J., Chapel Green, Lusk;  McNamara, P. (ICA), South Richmond St; McNieve, W., Parnell St; McNulty, Michael,  McNulty, Peter, J., The Mills, Blanchardstown; McPartlin, Peter, Dorset St; McQuaid, John, Ballymun; MacRuairi, Michael, St. Enda’s College, Rathfarnham;  McVeigh, James, Cork St;

Mackey, Laurence, Mackey, Michael, Nth. William St; Madden, John, Clonliffe Ave; Maguire, James, Sandymount; Maguire, James, Blackpitts; Maguire, T., Broadstone; Maguire, Robert A.E., Ranelagh;  Maher, Dan, Sth. Circular Rd; Maher, J. (ICA), Montague St; Mahon, James, J., Dun Laoghaire; Mahon, John, (ICA)m, Nixon St; Mahon, Patrick, J., Jnr., Summerhill; Mallon, James, Georges Quay;  Malone, Robert, Pidgeon House Rd; Mannering, Edward, (ICA), Charlemont St;  Manning, Henry, N.C.Rd; Martin, Peter, North Wall; Mason, Frank, Mason, George, Lr. Dominic St;  Mason, Thomas, Fairview; Masterson, James, (no address); Maxwell, Thomas, Lusk; Meade, Daniel, Emerald Square; Meade, Henry, Meade, Walter, Meade, William, Phibsboro;  Mellows, Herbert, A., Sth. Circular. Rd;  Meagher, Michael, Sandwith Place; Meldon, Thomas, Gardiner St; Minehan, James, Tivoli Theatre; Mitchell, Patrick, Ballybough; Molloy, Joseph, Palace Street;  Molloy, Michael J., North Strand; Molloy, Richard, Arbour Hill; Maloney, James, Norseman Place; Maloney, John, Longwood Ave; Monaghan, Philip, Drumcondra; Monks, Andy, Malpas Tce., New Street; Mooney, James, Capel St;  Mooney, John, Mooney, Patrick,  Castleknock;  Mooney, Patrick, Fleet St; Moore, Patrick, Clontarf;  Moran, Christopher, Swords; Moran, Patrick, Phibsboro; Moran, Peter, Cloghran; Moran, William, Cadogan Road; Morgan, John, Gray St; Morkan, Eamon A., Whitworth Rd; Mulcahy, Michael, Cottage Place; Mulcahy, Richard, Bayview, Sutton; Mulkerns, James, Royal Canal Bank;  Mullen, Douglas ffrench- Moyne Rd; Mullen, Martin, New Row St; Mullen, Martin, Cork St; Mullen, Michael, Mountjoy Sq; Mullen, Patrick, Cork St; Mulvey, William, Rathfarnham; Munroe, Thomas, Little Denmark St; Murnane, William, Blackhall Place; Murphy, Charles, Albert Place East; Murphy, Charles, Lr. Kevin St; Murphy, Colm, Drumcondra; Murphy, C., Grand Canal. Street; Murphy, E., Sullivan St; Murphy, Frank, Chamber, St; Murphy, Fred, Lusk; Murphy, Fred, North Wall; Murphy, Herbert, Usher’s Quay; Murphy, James, Mountpleasant Buildings;  Murphy, James, Rathfarnham; Murphy, John, Kilmore Cottages, Artane;  Murphy, John, Basin St; Murphy, John J., Clanbrassil St., Lower;  Murphy, Martin, Manor St; Murphy, Michael, Upper Sherrard St; Murphy, Michael, North Strand; Murphy, Michael, Botanic Ave; Murphy, Michael, Synnott Place; Murphy, Patrick (ICA), North Wall; Murray, Gabriel, Rathmines; Murray, Gerald, Rathmines; Murray, Henry S., Rathmines;   Murray, James, Nicholas Lane; Murray, Joseph, Gardiner Place; Murray, Nicholas T., North Strand; Murray, P.J., Dolphin’s Barn St; Murray, Tom,. Upper Gardiner St; Murrin, Pat, Wentworth Place; Murtagh, Laurence, Chapelizod; Musgrave, Joe, Drumcondra;
Neary, Denis, Little Mary, St;  Neary, Joseph, Glasnevin;  Neilan, A., Harold’s Cross;
Nelson, J. (ICA), Mountjoy Sq; Nevin, P. Marlboro St;  Newman, John, Marino Lodge, Fairview;  Nicholls, Henry, Rathmines; Noctor, John, Deansgrange, Blackrock; Nolan, Michael (ICA), Bullockfields;  Nolan, Patrick, Townsend St; Nolan, Patrick, Newfoundland S; Nolan Thomas, Arbour Hill; Nolan, Thomas, Cooke St; Noonan, Christopher, Blackhall Place;  Norgrove, Alfred (ICA), North Strand; Norton, James, Parnell Sq; Nugent, Christopher, Swords; Nugent, P., North Strand; Nunan, Ernest, Nunan, Sean;  Larkfield (Kimmage Garrison)

O’Breslin, James,  O’Breslin, Peadar, O’Breslin, Thomas New Street; O’Breslin, Tobias, Fairview; O’Brien, Liam M.A., Dublin;  O’Brien, Denis, Grenville  Parade;    O’Brien, John, N.C.Rd; O’Brien, Lorcan, Pim St; O’Brien, Mat, Mountpleasant; O’Brien, Owen, Rathmines; O’Brien, Pat J., Blackpitts; O’Brien, Peter; Rathmines; O’Brien, Stephen, Harold’s Cross; O’Brien, Tom, Parkgate St; O’Brien. William, Buckingham Tce; O’Brien, William, Belvidere Place; O’Brien, William, Lombard Street West; O’Brien, William, Arranmore Tce., N.C.Rd; O’Byrne, Alf D., Rathmines, O’Byrne, Cathal, Mount Pleasant Sq., Rathmines; O’Byrne, Charles, Capel St; O’Byrne, Christopher, St. Mary’s Road; O’Byrne, Christopher, Basin Lane; O’Byrne, Christopher, Camden Place; O’Byrne, Hugh, Harold’s Cross; O’Byrne, James, Camden Place; O’Byrne, James, Drumcondra; O’Byrne, Erne Place; O’Byrne, John, Arran Quay; O’Byrne, Joseph L., St. Mary’s Road; O’Byrne, Joseph L., Upper Rutland St.,   O’Byrne, Patrick, Ring Tce., Inchicore; O’Byrne, Patrick, Ranelagh Ave; O’Byrne, Thomas, Blackpitts; O’Byrne, William, Smithfield Ave; O’Byrne, William, Fingal St; O’Byrne, William, N.C.Rd; O’Byrne, William, Sandymount; O’Callaghan, Dominick, Upper Fownes St; O’Callaghan, John, Phibsboro; O’Callaghan, Michael, Old Kilmainham; O’Carroll, Dudley F., Clarendon St; O’Carroll, Kevin, Washington Lodge, Rathfarhnam;  O’Carroll John, Mount Temple Rd; O’Carroll, Peter, Manor St; O’Carroll, Robert, Drumcondra; O’Carroll, W., Manor St., O’Connell, James, Malahide; O’Connor, Batt, Banba, Brendan Rd., Donnybrook; O’Connor, James, Beresford Place; O’Connor, John (ICA), Francis St;
O’Connor, Joseph, Harty Place; O’Connor, Joseph, Rathmines Tce; O’Connor, Patrick, Rathfarnham, O’Connor, Thomas, Harold’s Cross; O’Connor, Thomas, Sherrard Street Lower; O’Connor, Thomas, Adelaide Rd., Sandycove; O’Donegan, James, Larkfield (Kimmage Garrison); O’Doherty, Michael (ICA), Lower Mayor St; O’Donnell, James, Francis St; O’Donoghue, Robert, Eccles St; O’Driscoll,  Robert, Ashtown, Castleknock; O’Dwyer, James, Rutland Cottages; O’Farrelly, Sean, Tigin An Teampail; O’Flaherty, James, Rialto St; O’Flanagan, Frank, O’Flanagan, George,
O’Flanagan, Michael, Moore Street;  O’Friel,  Bernard, Larkfield (Kimmage Garrison); O’Gorman, John, Rathgar; O’Gorman, Joseph, Inchicore; O’Grady, Anthony, Nicholas St; O’Hanlon, John, Queen’s Square; O’Hanlon, Patrick, Upr. Wellington St;  O’Hanlon, Patrick, Dun Laoghaire; O’Hanrahan, Edward, North Strand; O’Hehir, Michael, Little Strand St; O’Higgins, Brian, Finglas; O’Hanrahan, Garrett, Rutland St; O’Keeffe. J. (ICA), Mount St; O’Keeffe,  Patrick, Lr. Camden St;
O’Kelly, Fergus, Stillorgan; O’Kelly, F.M., Cruach, Rathfarnham; O’Kelly, Frank, Belgrave Square, Rathmines;  O’Kelly, John E., Hollybank Road; O’Kelly, John T., Upper Rutland St; O’Kelly, Joseph, Upper Dominick St;  O’Kelly, Michael, Upper Rutland St; O’Kelly, Pat, Ardee St; O’Kelly, Peter, Swords; O’Leary, Pat J., East Essex St; O’Leary, Philip (ICA) Middle Gardiner St; O’Loughlin, Pat, James St; O’Mahoney, Sean, Gardiner Place; Oman, Robert (ICA), Daniel St; O’Mara, Peter, John Dillon St; O’Moore, Patrick, St. Columba’s Road, Lr;  O’Neill, Eamon, Inchicore; O’Neill, James (ICA), Lindsay Rd., Glasnevin; O’Neill, John, Ballybough Rd; O’Neill, John, Grenville St; O’Neill, John, Buckingham St; O’Neill, Joseph, Gardiner St. Lr;  O’Neill, Michael, North King St; O’Neill, Patrick F., Townsend St; O’Neill, Timothy, Church Rd; O’Neill, William, North Mayor St; O’Neill, William, North Great Georges’s St; O’Reilly, Desmond, North Circular Rd; O’Reilly, John, Geraldine St;  O’Reilly, John, Cork St; O’Reilly, John, Ballybough Lane; O’Reilly, John Kevin, North Circular Rd; O’Reilly, Joseph (ICA), Corporation Buildings,Talbot St; O’Reilly, Joseph L., Upper Gardiner St;
Parle, Richard, South Wall;  Peate, Thomas, Parnell Street; Pedlar, Liam, Brookfield Tce. (also Philadelphia USA); Pender James, John Dillon St; Perry, William, Ushers Island; Phelan,   Michael, Portobello Place, S.C.Rd;  Phillips, John, South Brown St;
Pollard, Frank, Lr. Dominick St;  Poole, John,  Poole, Pat (ICA), Marlboro St;  Porter, Owen, Warrenmount Place; Power Patrick, Great Brunswick St; Power, William, North Frederick St; Prendergast, J., Stafford St;  Price, Eamon, Killarney Parade, N.C.Rd; Purcell, Charles, Clonliffe Rd; Quinn, George, Cork St; Quinn, John, Hanover St., East; Quinn, Thomas M., Lower Baggot St; Rafferty, John, Lusk; Rath, Thomas, Grand Canal Harbour;  Raul, Laurence, Mornington Road;  Reardon, Michael, Inchicore; Redican, James, Donnybrook; Redmond, Andrew (ICA), Curzon St; Redmond, James, Lr. Oriel St; Redmond, Joseph, North Frederick Street; Redmond, Patrick, Philipsburgh Ave., Fairview; Reid, J., Ballybough Road; Reilly, Pat, North Strand;  Reynolds, Augustus P., Clonmore Rd., Ballybough; Richmond, John, N.C.Rd; Rickard, James, Baldurgan,Skerries; Ridgway, Henry, Parnell St., Ring, Christopher, Sackville Gardens; Ring, Joe, Ballybough; Ring, Leo, Ballybough; Ring, Patrick, Ballybough; Ring, T.W., North Strand; Robbins, Joseph, Larkfield (Kimmage Garrison); Robinson, Joseph, Larkfield (Kimmage Garrison); Robinson, Thomas, Bachelors Walk;  Roche, Thomas, P., Roche, William, Sydney Tce., S.C.Rd; Ronan, William, Aungier Street;  Rooney, Edward, Lusk;  Rooney, James, Lusk;  Rooney, John, J., Fairview Strand; Ross, William, Lower Sherrard St; Rossiter, Charles, Philipsburg Ave., Fairview;  Russell, James J., Chalgrove  Tce., S.C.Rd;  Russell, John, North Strand Rd; Ryan, Cornelius, Castle St;  Ryan, Desmond, St. Enda’s College, Rathfarnham; Ryan, James, Ranelagh Rd; Ryan, John, Beresford Place; Seaver, Thomas, Lusk; Sexton, James, Upr; Gloucester Place; Sexton, Michael (ICA), Broadstone Ave; Shanahan, Philip, Foley St;  Shannon, Martin (ICA) Coombe; Shields, Arthur, Seafield Road; Shiels, James, North Strand; Shiels, Thomas (ICA), Rialto Road; Shelley, Denis,  Shelley, Thomas, Seville Place;  Sheppard, Michael, Drumcondra; Sheridan, John, Carton’s Lane, Smithfield; Sherwin, Patrick, Newhaggard, Lusk; Shortall, Liam, Lr. Pembroke St; Shortall, Peter, Rathmines; Simpson, Terence, Goose Green, Drumcondra; Slattery, James, Botanic Avenue; Slemon, Charles, James St; Smith, Albert, Charlemont Mall, Portobello: Smith, Joseph, Wood St; Smyth, Michael, North Strand; Stafford, Edward, Swords; Staines, Michael, Murtagh Rd; Stanley, Joseph, Upper Liffey St; Stapleton, William, North Great Georges St;  Steinmayer,  Charles, Lombard St., S.C.Rd; Stephenson, Patrick, Lr. Gloucester Road;  Sweeney, J., Lr. Dominick St; Steynes, William, Manor St., Stokes, John, Irishtown; Stokes, Richard, Drumcondra; Stritch, James, Mountjoy St; Supple, Patrick, Larkfield (Kimmage Garrison);  Swanzy, Patrick, 57 Lr. Dominick St;    Sweeney, Pat, Sweeney, James, Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham; lly, Kevin, N.C..Rd;  O’Reilly, M.W. Fairview; O’Reilly, Patrick Reuben St; O’Reilly, Patrick K,., South Earl St;  O’Reilly, Paul, Daniel St; O’Reilly, S.P., N.C.Rd; O’Reilly, Thomas, North Bank, Skerries; O’Reilly, William, Rathfarnham, Castle; O’Rourke, John, L. Gardiner St; O’Rourke, J.F., Carlingford Tce., Drumcondra; O’Shea, James Joseph (ICA), Coombe St; O’Shea, Michael, Larkfield (Kimmage Garrison); O’Shea, Robert (ICA), Upper Gardiner St; O’Toole, William, Lower Erne St:

Tallon, C., Tallon, James, Tallon, Joseph, Branavilla, North Richmond Street; Tannam, Liam, Tannam, Michael A., Wilton Terrace; Taylor, Christopher, Taylor, J., Taylor, Thomas, Swords;  Thornton, Hugh, Larkfield (Kimmage Garrison); Thornton, Joseph, Skerries; Toole, John, Grey Street; Toomey John,  Toomey Joe, Clonliffe Ave;  Tracey, John, Rathmines Tce; Traynor, Thomas, Synnott Place; Troy, Daniel, Troy, Patrick, Emmet Road, Inchicore;  Tuke, Edward (ICA), Queen St;  Tully, William N, The Boro’ Phibsboro; Twamley, John, Upper Georges St., Dun Laoghaire; Venables, Thomas, Chamber Street; Walker, John, Ringsend; Walpole, Henry, Walpole, Leo, Ranelagh Road;   Walsh, James, Coombe St; Walsh, James, Ballsbridge; Walsh, Patrick, Glenarm Ave; Walsh, Patrick, Rathmines; Ward, George, Upper Gardiner St; Ward, Gilbert, Home Farm Road; Ward, Patrick, Bath Avenue; Ward, Peter, Hamilton St., S.C.Rd; Ward, Thomas, Parnell St., Wardick, James, Lower Rathfarnham; Watters, James, East James’s St; Weldon ? Lr. Gardiner St; Weston, Bartle,  Weston, Charles, Turvey, Donabate; Weston, Thomas, Swords;  Wheatley, Thomas, Clontarf; Whelan, George, Russell St., Whelan, James, Upper Ormond Quay; Whelan, John, Marlboro St; Whelan, John, John’s Lane;  Whelan, Michael, Dolphin’s Barn; Whelan, Richard; Herberton Buildings, Rialto; Whelan, William, Ballybough Road; White, John (ICA), Summer St., Williams, Patrick (ICA), Stafford Street; Williams, Peter The Coombe; Williams, Walter, Sydney Tce., West Road; Wilson, Mark, North Great George’s St; Woodcock, William, Lr. Grand Canal St; Young, Robert,  Young, Thomas, Sandford Ave, S.C.Rd:


Drohan Frank, Clonmel; Halpin Thomas Clonmel;  Mackey D. Clonmel; Morrissey John,Clonmel; O’Neill James, Clonmel; Purcell Jerry, Clonmel;  Ryan James, Clonmel;  MacDonagh John, Cloughjordan;  Sheehan Michael, Dundrum; Heneghan Pat J, Fethard; Walsh Dan, Fethard; Deere Conor, Goold’s Cross; Ryan William, Goolds Cross;  Heffernan James, Gurteen; Gantly Patrick Roscrea; Benn W. Tipperary Town; Daly Thomas, Moloney P.J., Rogers T.F. Ryan Liam E, all Tipperary Town; Morris Matthew, Thurles.


Savage Martin, Ballysodare; Burke Patrick, Castlegal; Foley Hugh, Castlegal; Conway Andrew,  Crystal Hugh, Gardiner George, Gilmartin William, Gunnigle Robert, Rooney Patrick all Cliffoney;  Murphy Martin, Curry; O’Connell J.J. Sligo.


O’Connor Mortimer,  McEllistrim Tommy, O’Connor Thomas  Ballymacelligott;
Daly Denis, O’Connell Mortimer, O’Donoghue, Thomas,  Caherciveen;  O’Mahoney Dan, Castleisland; Corkery Dermot, Fitzgerald Thomas, Moriarty James, Moriarty Michael, Dingle;  Spring Henry, Firies;  O’Callaghan J, Kenmare; Fitzgerals Dick, Horgan Willie, O’Shea Pat, O’Sullivan, Spillane Mick, Killarney;  O’Shea John F, Portmagee; Murphy Con, Rathmore.  Barry E.J.,, Cahill Paddy, Doyle Michael, Farmer Bill, Healy Dan, Horgan P.J., Horan John, Knightly Michael, McCarthy Thomas J, Melinn Joseph, Mullins Billy, O’Connor M.J, O’Reilly Jack, Slattery Tom, Wall James,  Tralee; Ring Tim, Valentia Island. 


Smith Michael, Athgarvan; nCorrigan William, Ballitore; Moran Edward, Balysax Curragh; Cosgrove Michael, Kilcock; O’Neill James, Leixlip; ColganP.  Colgan Pat, Kenny John, Kirwan Pat, Maguire John, Maguire Thomas,  O’Buachalla Domhnall, O’Reagain Liam, O’Ryan Oliver, Tyrrell Tim, Maynooth;  Harris Thomas, Prosperous.


Gibbons John, Freshford; Barry Denis, Lalor James, Treacy Thomas, Kilkenny City; Healy Richard J, Jenkinstown; O’Shea John, Knocktopher; Denn William, Talbots Inch.


Maguire Bernard, Glenfarne;  Daly John,  Dolan James, McElgunn Thomas, O’Loughlin Thomas, Manorhamilton.

Wynne Patrick, Mohill,


Boylan John,   Lynam Christopher, Dunboyne;  Lynch Pat, Kells; Cole Pat, Summerhill.

Nolan Thomas, O’Brien James, O’Reilly, Carrickmacross;  O’Byrne Thomas, Castleblaney; Wilson Richard A, Rushe.
Daly, Pat S, Loughran W.J, Martin Thomas,

Doyle Pat, Ferbane,  Horan Mat, Tullamore,

Bulfin Eamonn,  Bulfin Frank, Birr; Foley Mick, Edenderry; Kelly James P, Geashill;


MacNeill Eoin; Bevan Thomas; Walsh Thomas; Lynch Finian; Mervyn Michael; O’Callaghan, Denis; Sweeney, P.E; McNestry Patrick; Clancy Peter; Tobin William; Irvine George; Doherty John; Walsh, J.J.; Malinn James; Reid J.J.; Williams John; McGarry John; Fahy Francis; Davys Richard; Duggan Edward;  Beasley Pierce; McGuinness Joseph; Markieviez Constance Georgina;   O’Hanrahan Henry; Plunkett George; Plunkett John; Cosgrave Philip B; .Meehan W; Kelly, R; Wilson, W; Clarke J; Marks J; Brennan J; Wilson P; Brooks F; Coleman R; Peppard T; Norton J; Byrne J; O’Kelly T; Hughes James; Doyle Peter; Wilson J; Roach E; O’Sullivan James; Poole Vincent; Corrigan William P; Downey John; Burke James; Morrissey James; Brennan Maurice;  Doyle Gerald; Bevan Charles; O’Brien John; Fogarty Patrick; Faulkiner John;   Brady Michael; Levins George; Cullen John F; Dorington J; O’Dea W; Kelly P; Dempsey James; Scully Michael; Crenigan J; Derrington William; De Valera Edward; McArdle John; O’Donovan C; Shouldice John; Ashe Thomas; Lawless Frank; Lawless James; Hayes Richard; Boland Henry James; Crofts Gerard; Drennan Frank; O’Neill Charles; Molloy Bryan; De Lacy Michael; Etchingham John R; Brennan Robert;  Rafter James; King Richard F;  Doyle James; Joyce James; O’Connor Fergus; MacMahon Philip Joseph; Reynolds Michael; Quinn John; Grady Michael; White Charles; Haniffy John; Hansberry Martin; Higgins Michael; Grady John; Murray James; Barrett Thomas; Kennedy Patrick; Kennedy Thomas; Fahy Murtagh; Donohoe Michael; McGinley Conor; Carrick John; Hehir Michael; Carrick Christopher; Corcoran William; Fury Patrick; Corcoran Eddy; Fury Thomas; Higgins Michael; Flanagan Patrick; Loughlin James; Toole Michael; Burke Joseph; Howley Joseph; Fury Thomas; Brosnan Timothy; O’Geary Colan; Tomkins John; Lynch Diarmuid C; Galligan Peter; Fahy Patrick; Fitzgerald Thomas Desmond; Patridge William; Cosgrave William T; Hunter Thomas; Fleming Michael Snr; Corcoran John Hussey; Fleming William ; Fleming Michael Jnr; Stack Austin, Barry Tadhg:



Joyce Brian, Inisheer, Aran Islands;  O’Brien John, Inishmaan,  Aran Islands;  Ardrahan:  Coen John; Howley Patrick; Keighery Martin; Sylver Michael; Sylver Patrick;  Tanniam Martin; Thompson Martin; Thompson,William.
Athenry & District: Barrett James;  Barrett Michael; Burns Michael; Burke Stephen; Burke William;  Cahill Michael;  Cahaleen Pat; Caulfield Chris; Cleary Joseph; Cleary Thomas;  Cleary Thomas B;  Clery John; Connolly John; Connolly Patrick; Connolly Robert; Commons Michael; Commons William; Connell Thomas; Coreen Joseph; Costello  Michael; Cowley Martin; Cullinan John; Cuniffe Michael; Daly Mat; Dunleavy Michael; Egan Thomas; Fahey John; Fahey George; Fahey Peter; Fahy Laurence; Feeney William; Freeney Michael; Galvin Jeremiah; Gardiner John;  Grealish John; Gealish Thomas; Hassett Daniel; Healy Michael; Healy Michael;  Healy Patrick; Henehan Patrick; Henehan Peer; Higgins Pat; Higgins William; Hynes Martin; Jordan Pat; Jordan Stephen; Joyce Michael; Kane Patrick; Keane Michael; Kearns John; Keating Joseph; Kelly Michael; Kelly Michael; Kelly William; Kennedy Martin; Kennedy Patrick; Kennedy Patrick; Kenny Patrick; Lally James; Lally Thomas; Lawless Patrick; Lynskey Patrick; McKeown Peadar; Mahon Peter; Molloy Michael; Morrissey Martin; Morrissey Patrick; Morrissey Richard; Morrissey Patrick; Mullen Thomas; Murphy John; Murphy Richard; Nestor Michael; Nolan James; O’Cnnor Pat; O’Reilly; Rooney Joseph; Ruane Martin; Ryan John; Treacy Mick;  Walsh John; Walsh Martin; Walsh Michael; Walsh Patrick; Ward James; Connor James, Ballinasloe; Roughan Bryan, Ballinasloe; Cummins Pat, Ballyclare;
Castlegar: Carr Martin; Flannery Michael; Flannery Michael; Hanly John; Newall James; Newall Thomas; Newall William; Ronan Mat; Rufffley Michael; Ryan Michael; Ryan John; Silke Thomas; Tallon Michael ;Wall Martin:
Claregalway & District:  Blake Michael; Casserly Martin; Casserly Peter; Cody William; Collins John J,  Concannon Pat; Fahey Martin; Feeney Patrick; Glynn Michael; Grealish Patrick; Hughes Pat; Hughes Pat; Lally  Michael; Molloy John; Moran John; Murphy Philip; O’Brien Patrick; Quinn Charles; Ruane Thomas: Clarenbridge & District:; Connell John; Cummins Edward; Fleming George; Fleming Joe; Fleming Patrick; Keane Denis;  
Craughwell & District: Barrett Michael; Barrett Patrick; Barrett Peter; Conway Michael; Crobett Dominick; Corbett John; Corbett Peter; Coy P; Cullinan Tom; Deely Jeremiah; Fahey Pat; Fahey Patrick; Fahey Thomas; Fahy Pat; Ford Patrick; Fury Michel; Golding Patrick; Hynes Patrick; Hynes Thomas; McEvoy Martin; McNamara Thomas; Mannion Tim; Moloney George; Moloney John; Mooney John; Newall Edward; Newall Martin; Rooney John; Rooney Martin; Shaughnessy Patrick; Walsh Patrick;  Grealish Pat; Curragrean;  Larkin Stephen, Dinish Island;
Doughiska:  Burke Mick; Burke Tom;  Fahey Mick; Fahey James; O’Connor Tom; Somerley Thomas: Dunmore:  Kilgarrif Thomas; McGill William; Ronayne  Michael:  Galway City:   Faller John P; Flanagan Thomas; Hardiman Francis; MacArtiur S; Madden P.L.; Nicholls George; Nolan Bart; O’Leary Con; O’Seary C; Walsh Thomas.   Gort:  Burke Thomas; Coen John; Coen Martin; Cunniffe Michael; Cunniffe Thomas; Kelleher Daniel; Kelleher James; Kelleher John; Kelleher Martin; Loughrey John; Loughrey John; Nelly John Joe; O’Fahy John; O’Connor Bryan; Piggott P.J.; Stephenson Thomas; Trayers Michael. Grealish Bernard, Killeenan.
Kilcolgan:Bindon John; Bindon Thomas; Brennan Thomas; Ford T; Kilkelly T; Neilan Martin; Neilan Thomas; O’Dea John; O’Dea Michael; O’Dea Patrick J; O’Dea Thomas:   Kiltulla:  Connolly John; Doyle Thomas; Forde Patrick; Gilligan John;Halloran Denis; Kelly Michael; King John; King Patrick; King Patrick; Mahon Patrick; Mannion Michael; Mulryan John; Mulryan William; Mulryan William; Wall John; Walsh Michael:   Kinvara: Burke Patrick; Burke Patrick; Burke Peter; Callinan J; Glynn John; Hanbury Patrick; Hynes Martin; Kilkelly John; Kilkelly Michael; Kilkelly Patrick; Leech Stephen; McInerney Thomas; O’Conlon Michael; O’Hanlon David; Quinn William; Whelan John; Whelan J:  Loughrea:    Coughlan Charles; Coy Patrick; Fallon Bernard;  Flynn James J; Garvey Laurence; Gilchrist Joseph; Kelleher Charles; Melody M; O’Flaherty Joseph; Roche Edward; Sweeney Peader::
O’Maille Padraic, Maam:   Monivea: Donnellan Pat; Glynn James; Moloney John; Murphy Martin; Lawless Peter; Walsh Walter:   Haverty James, Moylough:  Creavin John, New Inn:  Oranmore:  Burke James; Burke Martin; Burke William:  Burns John; Burns Michael; Burns Patrick; Burns William; Connolly T; Couley Pat’ Costello Martin; Costello Michael; Costello Patrick; Egan J; Fahy J; Flanagan James; Flanagan Patrick; Freeney Michael; Fury Thomas; Grealy Peter; Harte Pat; Harte William; Hawkins Martin; Hawkins T; Holland Patrick; Hynes Thomas; Kearney Francis; Keane Patrick; Monaghan John;O’Rourke Michael; O’Toole Martin; Ryder Michael; Ruane Michael; Walsh Michael:  Peterswell: Howley Peter; Howley William; Kelley Thomas:   Duggan Thomas, Ross Hill;  Thornton Michael Spiddal;    Tuam:   Cummins Joseph: Feeney Gerald; Forde John; Langley:  O Brien Augustus, Turloughmore:


Allen  James,  Allen  William, Allen, Thomas;  Burke, TF ; Birrell, PJ; Booth, Frank; Byrne, Peter; Burke, James; Burke, Michael; Brennan, Thomas; Burke, Thomas; Bindon, Thomas;  Bracken, Peter; Brennan, JM: Butterly, John;  Butterly; Nicholas; Byrne, Joseph; Balfe, Robt; Brennan, John; Biggs, Patrick; Broderick, J; Brennan, MJ; Brennan, F; Byrne, Thomas;  Cullen, James, Cullen, C; Campbell, J; Connor, Thomas; Collins, John; Corbett, Dominick; Costello, Michael; Carr, Martin; Cuffe, Thomas; Connolly, Jos; Connolly, Alex; Cotton, A; Cusack, Paul; W; Cleary, TV; Casserly, Patrick; Cowley, John; Cooney, John; Chardyce, Bertie; Cusack, Paul; Cassidy, Michael; Coen, Michael; Corbett, John; Clarke, James;
Donoghue, Peter; Dunleavy, Patrick; Duffy, Pat; Daly, Matt; Dixon, Henry; Dorris, Patrick Joseph; Duggan, Thomas; De Bourca, P; Dundon, Ed; De Loughrey, Peter; Dillon, Hubert; Delaney, John; Duggan, Thomas; Elliott, JJ; Fitzgerald, T; Fogan, Michael; Fogan, Thomas; Fahey, Michael; Fahey, James; Fahey, Martin; Fallow, Bernard; Faran, T; Figgis, Darrell; Feeney, Patrick; Fallon, Michael;
Gregan, James; Gaffney, Joseph; Grealish, John; Grelish, Bernard; Gill, Joseph; Graham, Joseph; Hurley, John; Hynes, Thomas; Haskin, Robert; Heron, Sam; Herty, Thomas; Harte, Wm; Heely, FJ; Harris, FF; Higgins, James; Hogan, Thomas; Hughes, Charles;  Inskipp, Peter;  Johnston, J: Jordan, Patrick;
King, Patrick; Kavanagh, John; Kirwin, W; Kennedy, Luke; Kelly, James; Kelly, Thomas; Kelly Thomas; Keene, Patrick; Lehey, Denis; Lally, Michael; Larkin, J; Larkin, J;  Layne, James; Lyon, John; Loughley, W; Lehey, Michael;  Lynch, M;
McCarthy, JJ; Melina, Peter; Murray, Frank; Malayan, Wm; McLaughlin, Patch; McCullough, Denis; McDowell, Charles; Morrissey, Patch; Mahon, Patrick;  Mullen French, Murray, Joss; Murphy, M; Monaghan, Phil; Milroy, John; McCarran, B; McCrery, Hugh; McGuire, Bernard; Mellows, H; Manahan, Joss; Malone, James; Malign, Joss; McBride, Joss; McNally, Henry; Morris, Joe; Mahoney, Abel;   
Newell, Wm; Newell, Jas; Nisei, Frank; Newell, Ed; Newell, Michael, Nolan, Bart;
O’Leary, Wm; O’Neill, John; O’Neill, Felix; O’Reilly, John; O’Brien, W; O’Brien, Patrick; O’Connor, B; O’Connor, John; O’Neil, Hugh; O’Mahoney, John;  O’Kelly, TG; O’Neill, John;  O’Neill, John; O’Neill, JJ;  O’Sullivan, G; O’Connell, J; O’Madden, PL; O’Donnell, Philip; O’Connor, NJ; O’Dea, J; O’Dwyer, Ed; O’Hourihane, Peter; O’Loughlin, T; O’Rourke, B;
Purcell, Jer; Parker, Thomas; Quinn, Chas; Parker, Thomas; Quinn, Chas; Quigley, James;  Raffly, Michael, Ryan, Michael; Sweeney, Terence; Sally, James; Smith, Jas; Stanley, Jos M; Somerly, Thomas; Scullen, JJ;   Smythe, Michael, Scullen, Patrick, Shannon, Charles, Tracey, I; Treacy, Michael.
Wall, John;, Wilson, Thomas;   Walsh, Thos; Ward, P; Warwick, Jas; Whelan, Jas; Weston, Thomas: 



While those arrested were lodged in various jails throughout Great Britain, others were detained in Richmond Barracks.  The military authorities decided, on further investigation to release some of the prisoners.  On May 29th over sixty women were released.    This illustrates that women had played an important role in ‘Easter Week’ as the following were the brave women who were released:


Barrett, Kitty; Brady, Bridget; Brown, Kate; Brown, Martha; Byrne, Mary; Byrne, Katie; Byrne, Eileen;  Carron, May; Cooney, Lily; Cooney, Annie; Cooney, Eileen; Cosgrave Marcella; Davis, Bridget; Ennis, Ellen;  Fleming, Kathleen; Gahan, May; Goff, Bridget; Grenan, Julia; Hackett, Rosanna; Hegarty, Bridget; Humphreys, Ellen;
Joyce, Maggie; Kelly, Kitty; Kelly, Martha; Kelly, Josephine; Kenny, Bridy, Kennedy, Margaret; Liston, Catherine; Liston, Mary; Lynch, Bessie; Lyons, Bridget; Maher, Kathleen; Markham, Pauline; Martin, Kate; McCauley, Julia;  McGowan, Josephine; McLaughlin, Maggie; McNamara, Rose; McNamee, Agnes; Mead, Florence; Mitchell, Caroline; Mullally, Rose;  Mulhall, Lizzie; Murphy, Kathleen; Murtagh, Bridget; Norgrove, Annie; Norgrove, Emily; O’Brennan, Lilly; O’Daly, Nora; O’Flaherty, Margaret; O’Hanlon, Sheila; O’Keeffe, Josephine; O’Keeffe, Emily; O’Moore, May; O’Sullivan, Louisa; Partridge, Mary; Quigley, Priscilla; Quigley, Maria; Retz, Barbara; Seery, Kathleen; Shanahan, Jane; Spicer, Josephine; Sullivan, Mary; Treston, Catherine.

Military authorities announced the release of the following prisoners on May 24th 1916:

Adams, John, Dublin;
Bannon, Thomas, Dublin; Bateson, Frank. Louth;  Begley, F. Bandon, Cork;  Behan, Jas. Fairview;  Bennett, T. Castleknock; Boyne, John, Dublin;  Brady, Thomas, Dublin; Breeney, Wm. Dublin; Brennan, Thomas, Finglas; Brennnan, L. Dublin;  Brophy, Thomas, Dublin; Brown, Jas. Dublin;  Buryne, Peter, Dublin; Butler, George, Dublin; Butler, Jas. Dublin; Byrne, John Dublin; Byrne, PJ. Enniscorthy; Byrne, V. Dublin; Byrne, Ed. Dublin.
Cardigan, Jas. Dublin; Carney, Alfred, Dublin; Carroll, Bernard Dublin; Carroll, Pat, Dublin; Chavasse, Claude, Dublin; Clarke, Pat, Dublin; Coade, John, Dublin; Codlin, J. Enniscorthy;  Condron, J. Irishtown; Coughlan, Ml. Dublin; Conly, M. Dublin.  Conmore, P. Enniscorthy; Conroy, Jas. Sen. Conroy, Jas. Jnr. Dundalk;  Corcoran, Pat, Dublin; Corrigan, Jas, Kilkenny; Cosgrove, Ed. Newbridge; Crushue, Thomas, Galway; Curtis, Jas, Dublin;
Dalton, Pat. Dublin; Darcy, M. Dublin; Delaney, Thomas, Dublin; Devine, Jas. Devine, Ed. Strabane; Dillon, Jas. Dundrum; Devine, Thomas, Dublin; Donnolly, Jas. Dublin; Doyle, Sylvester, Dublin; Doyle, Thomas, Dublin;  Dowling, Thomas. Dublin; Dunne, Thos. Dublin; Dune, Thomas, Dublin; Dunbar, Jas. Ferns; Dyass, Albert, Dublin;
Egan. Wm. Dublin; Enright, John, Dublin;
Flanagan, Revd Patrick, Ringsend;  Flannagan, T; Feehan, Jas. Dublin; FP Fitzgibbon, M. Fermoy; Flynn, P. Phibsborough; Fitzpatrick, Thomas, Dublin;  Fitzsimmons, John, Dublin;
Gavin, Thos. Co. Louth; Geoghan, Stephen; Gerathy, Pat, Dublin; Gogan, Richard, Dublin; Gordon, Ed. Dublin; Green, Arthur, Dundalk;
Hannon, Arthur, Dublin; Harper, Thos. Dublin; Harrison, Pre. Robert; Heffernan, Wm. Dublin; Hennessy, Pat; Hevry, Thos. Enniscorthy; Hogan, Ml. Co. Wexford; Holmes, Thos. Dublin; Holton, John; Howard, Ed. Dublin; Howard, Cornelius, do;  Hunter, John, Dublin; Hussey, G. Dublin; Hynes, M. Co. Galway;
Jennings, Thos. Dublin; Jordon, Ml. Enniscorthy;
Kane, Jos. Dublin; Kavanagh, Art; Kavanagh, Ed. Dublin; Kavanagh, John, Dublin; Kavanagh, M. Dublin; Kelly, Ald. JJ. Dublin; Kelly, Jos. Dublin; Kennedy, J. Athenry; Kenny, Ml. Dublin; Kenny, Ml. Dublin; Keogh, Thos Dublin;  Kinsella, Ml. Dublin; Kirwan, Thos. Dublin;
Lalor,  Fenton, Co. Louth; Lalor, Pat, Dublin; Lambe, Pat. Dublin; Lawlor, Pat, Clontarf; Leech, Thos, Dublin; Lee, Hugh, Dublin; Lemas, John, Dublin; Lynch, Pat.
Mackey, Robt; Mahoney, J. Bandon; Mangin, M. Dublin;  Maypother, Pat F. Dublin;
Maypother, Ml.J. Dublin; Markham, TJ. Fairview; Mason, Pat. Dublin; M’Cabe, Ml. Dublin; M’Carthy, Barry, Dublin; M’Carthy, M. Co. Cork; M’Clean, William, Dublin; M’Cormack, Chris, Dublin; M’Dermott, Louis, Dublin; MacDonald, Jas. Dublin; M’Donnell, Andrew. Dublin; M’Grane, Ml. Dublin; M’Guire, J. Enniscorthy; M’Kenna, John, Dublin; McNamara, GF. Dublin; McNamara, T.Limerick,  McQuillan, Wm. Louth; Moloney, J. Finglas; Moore, Andrew, Dublin; Monks, Christopher, Dublin; Morriman, Ed. Dublin; Murragh, Jos. Dublin; Murphy, Robert, Dublin; Murphy, A. Dublin; Murphy, R. Co. Cork; Murray, J. Enniscorthy; Murray, Pte. Jas;  Naughter, Jas. Dublin; Newsome, Enniscorthy;
O’Brien, Denis, Dublin; O’Connor, Peter, Dublin; O’Donnell, Chris, Dublin;  O’Donnell, Wm. Dublin; O’Dwyer, Ml. Dublin;  O’Kiely, John, Dublin; O’Mahoney, Ed.Dublin; O’Moore, Donough, Dublin;  O’Morray, Ed, Dublin; O’Neill, John, Clare; O’Neill, Clarence, Dublin; O’Neil, Ald. L. Dublin; O’Neill, Pat, Dublin; O’Norton, Owen, Dublin;  O’Reardon, N. Dublin; O’Reilly, John, Dublin, O’Reilly, Pat, Dublin; O’Rourke, Fred, Dublin. O’Shea, John, Dublin; O’Toole, Francis, Dublin; Oman, Wm. Dublin:
Parker, George, Dublin; Peelo, Denis, Dublin; Phillips, Matthew, Dublin; Picker, J. Galway; Ponder, Henry, Dublin; Pringle, Robert, Dublin;
Quinn, John, Dublin; Quinn, Patrick, Dublin;
Rafter, William, Dublin; Radbourne, Avid, Dublin; Regan, Lawrence, Dublin; Ridgeway, Robert, Dublin; Rowan, Laurence, Kildare; Russell, T. Bandon, Cork; Ryan, J. Dublin;
Sanders, W. Dublin; Scott, William; Sears, David, Dublin; Seavers, Athlone; Sheppard, William; Sheridan, John, Cork; Stafford, Geo. Dublin; Stamford, Ml. Dublin; Stoke, P. Enniscorthy; Sutton, Ml. Enniscorthy; Swann, Ant. Dublin; Sweeney, A. Kildare; Synnott, James, Ferns;
Tahan, Richard, Dublin; Tanning, M. Dublin;  Thornton, Pat, Dublin; Treling, M.Dublin;
Wall, Joseph, E.Dublin; Walsh, Wm. Dublin; Wills, Henry, Dublin; Wills, Robert, Dublin; White, Ml. Dublin;
Young, Edward, Dublin..

On June 17th 1917 the House of Commons decided upon the release of all prisoners in confinement in connection with the rebellion.  Consequently, the following, having travelled via Holyhead to Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) arrived at Westland Row Station on Monday 18th June 1917: 

Ashe, Thomas;  Beasley, Pierce; Bevan, Charles; Bevan, Thomas; Boland, Henry James; Brady, Michael; Brennan, J; Brennan, Maurice; Brooks, F; Brosnan, Robert; Brosnan, Timothy; Burke, James; Burke, Joseph; Byrne, J; Carrick, Christopher; Clancy, Peter; Clarke, J; Coleman, R; Collins, Cornelius; Corcoran, Eddy; Corcoran, John; Corcoran, William; Cosgrave, William, TC; Cosgrave, Philip B; Corrigan, William, P; Davys, Richard; De Lacy, Michael; Dempsey, James; Dorrington J; De Valera, E; Doherty, John; Donoghue, R; Downey, ; Doyle, Gerald;  Doyle, James; Doyle, Peter; Drennan, Frank; Duggan, Edward; Etchingham, John R;  Fahy, Francis; Fahy, Patrick; Faulkiner, John; Fitzgerald, Thomas Desmond;  Flanagan, Patrick; Fleming, Michael (Senior); Fogarty,  Patrick; Fury, Patrick; Fury, Thomas, Fury Thomas; Galligan, Patrick;  Hayes, Dr. Richard;  Hehir, Michael; Higgins, Michael;  Howley, Joseph; Hughes, James T; Hunter, Thomas; Hussey, William; Irvine, George; Joyce, James; Kelly, P; Kelly, R; Kent, David; King, Richard, F; Lawless, Frank; Lawless, James, V;  Leahy, Denis;  Levins, George; Loughlin, James; Lynch, Finian; Lynch, Jeremiah C; Markievficz, C; M’Ardle, John;  MacEntee, John, MacGarry, John;  M’Ginley, Conor; M’Guinness, Joseph, MP; MacMahon, Philip Joseph; MacNeill, Eoin; MacNesty, Patrick; Marks, James; Martin, Francis; Meehan, W; Melinn, James; Mervyn, Michael; Molloy, Bryan; Morrissey, James; Norton, J; O’Brien, John; O’Callaghan, Denis; O’Connor, Fergus; O’Dea, William; O’Donovan, C; O’Geary, Colin; O’Hanrahan, Henry; O’Kelly, T; O’Sullivan, J; Peppard, T; Plunkett, T; Plunkett, George; Plunkett, John; Poole, Vincent; Quinn, John; rafter, James; Reid, JJ; Reynolds, Michael; Sally, James; Scully, Michael; Souldice, John; Slattery, Michael; Stack, Austin; Sweeney, PE; Tobin, William J; Tomkins, John; Toole, Michael; Walsh, JJ;        Walsh, Thomas; Williams, John; Wilson, James; Wilson, P; Wilson, W.

Republicans Executed in the Civil War 1922/1923 by the Free State Government.

Republicans Executed in Civil War 1922/1923 Nov.17th; James Fisher, Peter Cassidy, Richard Twohig, John Gaffney, Nov 24th: Erskine Childers, Nov. 30th: Joseph Sponer, Patrick Farrelly, John Murphy, Dec 8th: Rory O’Connor, Liam Mellows, Joseph McKelvey, Dec 19: Stephen White, Joseph Johnston, Patrick Mangan, Patrick Nolan, Brian Moore, James O’Connor, Patrick Bagnell. Dec 29th: John Murphy, John Phelan, Jan 8th: Leo Dowling, Sylvester Heaney, Lawrence Sheeky, Anthony O’Reilly, Terence Brady: Jan 13: Thomas McKeown, John McNulty, Thomas Murray, Jan 15; Frederick Burke, Patrick Russell, Martin O’Shea, Patrick McNamara, James Lillis; Jan 20th: James Daly, James Hanlon, Cornelius McMahon, Patrick Hennessy, Thomas Hughes, Michael Walsh, Herbert Collins, Stephen Joyce, Martin Burke: Jan 22nd; James Melia, Thomas Lennon, Joseph Ferguson; Jan 26th; Patrick O’Reilly, Patrick Cunningham, William Conroy, Colum Kelly: Jan27th; Patrick Geraghty, Joseph Byrne: Feb 26th: Thomas Gibson: Mar 13th; James O’Rourke, William Healy, James Parle, Patrick Hogan, John Creane: Mar 14th Sean Larkin, Daniel Enright, Charles Daly; April 11th; James O’Malley, Francis Cunnane, Michael Monaghan, John Newell, John Maguire, Martin Moylan: April 25th; Richard Hathaway, James McEnery, Edward Greaney; April 26th, Patrick Mahoney, May 2nd Christopher Quinn.

Below is a list of formally sanctioned executions by the Irish Free State government during the Civil War.

DateNameAgeLocationCountyNotes17 November 1922James FisherKilmainham GaolCounty Dublin17 November 1922Peter CassidyKilmainham GaolCounty Dublin17 November 1922Richard TwohigKilmainham GaolCounty Dublin17 November 1922John GaffneyKilmainham GaolCounty Dublin24 November 1922Erskine ChildersBeggars Bush BarracksCounty Dublin24 November 1922Joseph SpoonerBeggars Bush BarracksCounty Dublin24 November 1922Patrick FarrellyBeggars Bush BarracksCounty Dublin24 November 1922John MurphyBeggars Bush BarracksCounty Dublin8 December 1922Rory O'ConnorMountjoy JailCounty Dublin8 December 1922Liam MellowsMountjoy JailCounty Dublin8 December 1922Joseph McKelveyMountjoy JailCounty Dublin8 December 1922Richard BarrettMountjoy JailCounty Dublin19 December 1922Stephen WhiteCurragh CampCounty Kildare19 December 1922Joseph JohnstonCurragh CampCounty Kildare19 December 1922Patrick ManganCurragh CampCounty Kildare19 December 1922Patrick NolanCurragh CampCounty Kildare19 December 1922Brian MooreCurragh CampCounty Kildare19 December 1922James O'ConnorCurragh CampCounty Kildare19 December 1922Patrick BagnelCurragh CampCounty Kildare29 December 1922John PhelanKilkenny GaolCounty Kilkenny29 December 1922John MurphyKilkenny GaolCounty Kilkenny8 January 1923Leo DowlingPortobello BarracksCounty Dublin
8 January 1923Sylvester HeaneyPortobello BarracksCounty Dublin
8 January 1923Laurence SheehyPortobello BarracksCounty Dublin
8 January 1923Anthony O'ReillyPortobello BarracksCounty Dublin
8 January 1923Terence BradyPortobello Barracks

Please note this list is not complete if anyone have the names of the rest of the republican soldiers Executed by the Free state I would like to add their names to this  list,

                                                                                                    The Fenian Rising


.JEREMIAH O’DONOVAN ROSSA was born in Rosscarbery, Co. Cork on September 10, 1831.  He spent much of his childhood in his grandfather’s house where no English was spoken except to strangers.  He was never parted from the priceless treasure of his country’s native speech during his long life of eighty-four years. He became involved in the Fenian Rising of the nineteenth century, and suffered much hardship and imprisonment.. He died on August 1, 1915 and is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery..   After his release from prison during the 1870s he wrote Irish Rebels in English Prisons which he dedicated to those in the following list:

List gives name, birthplace and sentence:

Michael O’Brien, Co. Cork, Death;  Michael Larkin, Co. Galway, Death; William Philip Allen, Co. Cork, Death; Michael Barrett, Co. Cork, Death; John McClure, New York, USA, Death-Life;  Thomas F.Burke, Fethard, Co. Tipperary, Death-Life; Patrick Doran, Dublin, Death-Life;  John McClafferty, Ohio, USA, Death-Life; Edward Kelly, Cork, Death-Life; E. O’Meagher Condon,  Co. Cork, Death-Life; W.P.T. Darragh, Co. Antrim, Death-Life; Patrick Meleady, Dublin, Death-Life; J.F.X. O’Brien, Waterford, Death-Life;  Thomas Cullinane, Limerick, Death-Life; John O’Brien, London, Life; Sergeant  McCarthy, Co. Cork, Life; Thomas Chambers, Clare, Life; James Darragh, Ireland, Life; James Wilson, Ireland, Life; Martin Hogan, Ireland, Life; Patrick Keating, Clare, Life; Thomas Hassett, Ireland, Life; Robert Cranston, Ireland, Life; Michael Harrington, Ireland, Life; Thomas Kiely, Ireland, Life; Thomas Clarke Luby, Dublin, 20 Years;  John O’Leary, Tipperary, 20 years; Michael Sheehy, Dublin, 20 years, John Shine, Ireland, 20 years; Edmond Power, Tralee, 15 years; John F. Kearns, Cork. 15 years;  John Flood, Baldoyle, 15 years; John Devoy, Naas15, years;  Edward Duffy, Ballaghaderreen, 15 years; Patrick F. Lennon, Dublin, 15 years; Patrick Loman, Ireland, 15 years; Patrick Walsh, Rathluirc, 15 years; William G. Halpin, Meath, 15 years; Riocard O’S Burke, Dunmanway, 15 years; James McCoy, Ireland, 15 years;  Thomas Delaney, Ireland, 15 years; Patrick (‘Pagan’) O’Leary, Macroom, 7 years; W. Mackey Lomasney, Fermoy, 12 years;  Dennis P.Mulcahy, Tipperary, 10 years; Chas.Underwood O’Connell, Offaly, 10 years; Brian Dillon, Cork, 10 years; Thomas Baines, Sligo, 10 years; Daniel Bradley, Cork, 10 years; Mortimer Moriarty, Kerry, 10 years; George F. Connolly, Dublin, 10 years; John Lynch, Cork, 10 years; C. Dwyer Keane, Skibbereen, 10 years; Wm. F.Roantree Leixlip, 10 years; Ed. P. St. Clair, England, 10 years; George Brown, Co. Down 10 years; T. McCarthy Fennell, Clare, 10 years;; John Warren, Clonakilty, 15 years; Charles J. Kickham, Tipperary, 14 years; John Boyle O’Reilly, Meath, 20 years; Augustine Costelloe, Galway, 12 years;  James )’Connor, Wicklow, 10 years;  C.M.O’Keeffe, Cork, 10 years; William Moore Stack, Tralee, 10 years;  John Haltigan, Kilkenny, 7 years; Michael O’Regan, Rosscarbery, 7 years; Terence Byrne, Dublin, 7 years; John Coghlan, Cork, 7 years; William O’Sullivan, Kilmallock,5 years; Edward Butler, Dublin, 5 years; Andrew Kennedy, Nenagh, 5 years; Hugh Brophy, Dublin, 10 years; Michael Moore, Dublin, 10 years;  Thomas Duggan, Ballincollig, 10 years;  Michael Kinealy, Cork, 10 years; John B.Walsh, Ireland, 7 years; Denis Cashman, Waterford, 7 years; Jeremiah Ahern, Ireland, 7 years; David Cummins, Ireland, 7 years; Simon Downey, Ireland, 7 years; Denis Hennessy, Kilmallock, 7 years; Eugene Lombard, Cork, 7 years; Morgan McSweeney, Ireland, 7 years; Joseph Noonan, Ireland, 7 years; Patrick Riordan, Kilmallock, 7 years; John Sheehan, Kilmallock, 7 years;  Eugene Geary, Ireland, 7 years;  Patrick Mears, Ireland, 10 years; Peter Maughan, Moate, 10 years;  Patrick S. Doran, Kilmacow, 7 years; Bart Moriarty, Ireland; 7 years; Henry S. Mulleada, Naas, 5 years; Patrick Ryan, Wales, 5 years;  Martin H. Carey, Galway, 5  years; William Murphy, Cork, 5 years; John Carroll, Ireland, 5 years;  Charles Moorehouse, Ireland, 5 years; Daniel Reddin, Dunlaoghaire, 5 years; Thomas Scally, John Brennan, Tim Featherstone, James Walsh, all Ireland, 5 years each;  Stephen J. Meaney, Ennis, 15 years; Michael Stanley, Dublin, 10 years; John B.S. Casey, Mitchelstown, 5 years;  Thomas Daly, Kilmallock, Patrick Dunne, Dublin, James Flood, Dublin,  Maurice Fitzgibbon, Kilmallock, Thomas Fogarty, Kilfeacle; Luke Fullam, Drogheda, John Goulding, Ireland, Patrick Leahy, Ireland, Patrick May,Slane;  Michael Noonan, Kilmallock; Jeremiah O’Donovan Cork, Con O’Mahoney, Macroom; James Reilly, Ireland, Robert Wall, Ireland,  all 5 years sentence;   Michael Davitt, Mayo, 14 years;  John Wilson, England, 7 years; Patrick Hayburne, Dublin, 2 years; David O’Connell, Tipperary, 2 years; Edward Fitzgerald, Tipperary, 2 years; John Clohissy, Dublin, 2 years; George     Hopper, Dublin, 2 years;  William Curry, Kildare, 2 years; Gunner Flood, Ireland, 2 years; Thomas Tomkins, Dublin, James Tomkins, Dublin, Joseph Brown, Dublin, John Watson, Dublin, Edwin Forrester, Dublin  all 18 months sentence. James Clancy, Waterford, Life:

There were over 130 men convicted in Ireland and in England; they were guilty of the crime of patriotism.

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