a postcard sent to James Marks in usk prison, 1916

Remembering the People who were Murdered in Croke Park, on Bloody Sunday by the British Army  


A Postcard from 1916 

 Liam Deasy Tom Barry and Dan Breen, 

 A rare photo of Padraic Pearse and Peter Slattery.

 Group of Volunteers  with Padraic Pearse at. Enda's before 'The Rising'

On this day March 26th 1921 IRA volunteer Liam (Sonny) McCarthy from Lixnaw was arrested and murdered by the RIC. His legs and arms were broken before they shot him dead in Tralee town park. It was his 26th birthday

The Fingal brigade IRA , Before the battle of Ashbourne, 1916 

 Fingal Old IRA members taken many years ago.

Do you recognise any of them?  if so let us know.
Pete O'Connell from the Fingal group is anxious to
identify them.

 Elizabeth Norton at the grave of her uncle

Peter Wilson in the grounds of Dr. Steeven's
Hospital, Dublin.  He fought in the Mendicity
Institute in 1916.  He was a member of the 5th
Batt. Dublin Brigade, and a native of Swords.

 One of Irelands greatest Heros  DAN BREEN

Members of the Waterford Brigade IRA  

Thomas Ashe

Lying-in-State of Thomas Ashe, in the Mather Hospital, Dublin. 1917

Mollie Gill, Cumann Na mBann

 The Brave Women of Cumann Na mBan  who fought on Easter Week 1916

Capt Richard Coleman Swords I R A , Died in Usk Prison, 1918


1920 - A newly appointed Head Constable was shot and
killed by IRA volunteers in Balbriggan, North Co. Dublin,
near the training Camp for British recruits Gormanston.
Later that night police attacked Balbriggan, killing two men,
Seamus Lawless and Sean Gibbons, looting and burning
public houses, destroying a hosiery factory, and damaging 
or destroying forty-nine homes. This incident known as
'The Sack of Balbriggan' caused a sensation in Britain,
receiving headlines from the British press, 

 Plaque on the O’Colmain headstone in Swords Cemetery.
 Risteard O’Colmain is buried in the Republican Plot in
Glasnevin Cemetery..

Donegal Flying Column 

 Easter 2006: Fingal Old IRA Commemoration Society at Naul, Co Dublin. Pic of relatives of three of Fingal Brigade who fought at Mendicity Institute Easter 1916.  Late Risteard O'Colmain nephew of Dick Coleman,  Bernadette Marks, daughter of James Marks, Kathleen Wilson O'Connell daughter of Peter Wilson(Balheary).

   Arthur Agnew at the 50th Anniversary of the 1916 Rising.

 AILBHE O MONACHAIN was born in Belfast in 1889. During the 1916 Rising he was active in the Galway area,  particularly Connemara, because of his knowledge of Irish. He was a member of the Galway Brigade, Irish Volunteers, Commanding Officer, Liam Mellows.  Ailbhe evaded capture after the surrender and from 1916 to 1922 he acted in various capacities for Irish Volunteers and IRA in Cork, Wexford and Dublin.  In later life he taught art for Dublin V.E.C., and is buried in St. Colmcille's Graveyard, Swords, Co Dublin.

Group taken before the surrender in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, lst May 1916.
Front: Seamus Rafter, Robrert Brennan, Seamus Doyle, Sean Etchingham,
Back: Una Brennan, Michael de Lacy, Eileen  Hegarty..
Prisoners at Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford after surrender May 1916..

 The GPO before the battle, Ready to fight and die for Irelands freedom,

Dublin City Cumann na mBan  

Eilis Ui Chonaill,   Cumann Na mBan  Longford

Linda Kearns, Eithne Coyle and Mae Burke in Duckett’s Grove standing on "The Butcher's Apron. (English Flag)
Units of the Anti-Treaty Irish Republican Army pictured with some of the vehicles captured from the British Forces in the Battle of Pettigo and Belleek, August 1922. Note the mix of military and civilian cars. Also the apparel of the volunteers, most in guerrilla mufti while the officers wear IRA uniforms

 Roger Casement, Executed by the British August 1916.

Cathal Brugha,
Cathal Brugha's funeral.
 Michael McGrath, East Waterford Brigade, Irish Republican Army. Shot Pickardstown Ambush, 7th January 1921.

 Thomas McEver was murdered by British  forces and his body found at Dunmore Co. Galway on the 20th May 1921,

Cumann Na mBan  Marching to the G P O  Easter Monday 1916

M.Adrian and M Duff,  Cumann Na mBan,  Photo thanks to J O Dwyer   

 MISS ADRIAN, OLDTOWN, CO. DUBLIN is one of the most

outstanding women in Fingal. At present she is secretary of 
the Old Age Pension Committee. She is also a member of the
old Cumann na mBan who distinguished themselves so nobly
in the fight for  Irish freedom..Her grandfather Dr. Adrian was
the first who dressed the wounds of  Lord Edward Fitzgerald.
He was a very eminent member of the United Irishmen of that
period.  Fingal Fingerpost 1944.

Members of Cumann na mBan, in Letterkenny Co Donegal 

 Countess Markievicz was given a public funeral, a ceremonial with many bands, eight motor-tenders of wreaths. She was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery in the Republican Plot with the rest of her comrades on the 15th July 1926, at the age of 59 years

 Plaque in cell in Wicklow Gaol where Erskine Childers was detained

until he was transferred to Portobello Barracks, Dublin. He was Court
Marshaled on Nov. 17th 1922 and sentenced to death. He was
executed on No 24th 1922.

Sean Hogan 

Inside the G P O Dublin 1916 

 People attending the unveiling of stone in the grounds of

Dr. Steeven's Hospital, Dublin, to the memory of Sean
Owens and Peter Wilson who were killed in the 1916 Rising.
Volunteer John (Sean) Owens of 4th Dublin Brigade was killed 
in South Dublin Union.  He was aged 24, an artificial limb maker 
from The Coombe. Peter Wilson aged 40 was from Swords,
a member of Fingal Brigade. He was killed in the Mendicity Insitute.
The stone was erected in 1930s.
Thomas McDonagh

Tom Clarke and Eamon De Valera  

Monument at Killkelly Co Mayo

Mounment  at Kilkelly Co Mayo

 IRA Flying column, Letterkenny, Co Donegal 1921

Members of Buncrana 3rd Batt, Inishowen Brigade IRA and Cumann na mBan

The Men from Co Mayo, who fought for Irelands freedom 

Monument Elfin, Co Roscommon 

Countess Markievicz,   Before the 1916 rising,   she fought bravely on  Easter Week,

 Countess Markievicz accompanied by a Policewoman.

She was arrested for her participation in the 1916 Rising,
but was spared from the firing squad.
Winifred Carney (standing) of Cumman Na mBan ~ She was present with James Connolly in the Dublin General Post Office during the Easter Rising in 1916. Carney was the only woman present during the initial occupation of the building, which she entered armed with a typewriter and a Webley revolver. While not a combatant, she was given the rank of adjutant and was among the final group (including James Connolly and Patrick and Willie Pearse Seanac Diarmada and Joseph Plunkett ) to leave the GPO. After James Connolly became wounded, she refused to leave his side.This was despite direct orders from Pearse and Connolly.She had earlier taken the wounded Connolly's final dictated orders.

 The O'Rahilly with his four sons, his niece and nephew. 

The nephew Dick Humphreys (left) served in the GPO 1916.

 Emmet Humphreys with Mac and Aodogan sons of the O'Rahilly 1920's

 THOMAS GALLINAGH who was born in Glasgow in1895.
Of Donegal ancestry, he served in Oglaigh na h-Eireann from
March 1921 to March 1923.  Thanks to his relatives for supplying
Photo and information.

1916 Monument at Elfin Co Roscommon

Group of Prisoners released from British Prisons June 1917;
taken at Mansion House, Dublin..

John McBride, Co Mayo, Executed May 1916 

 DR. RICHARD HAYES was born in Bruree,Co Limerick. He studied medicine and became the dispensary doctor at Lusk, Co. Dublin.  He joined the Irish Volunteers in 1913 and was the first commanding officer for the 5th Fingal Battalion. He handed command over to Thomas Ashe just before the rising broke out.   At the battle of Ashbourne he treated the wounded on both sides.  He was imprisoned in Lewes after the Rising. Having been released in June 1917 he became involved again and was arrested in 1918 and sent to Reading Gaol; while there he was elected Sinn Fein MP for Limerick East.   He died in 1958.

 Christopher Nugent,  (centre) who fought at the Battle of Ashbourne 1916.

The monument at Ashbourne Co Meath

Thomas Rafferty and John Crenigan, fingal Brigade IRA ,  Died fighting British forces at the Battle of Ashbourne  in 1916 

President Sean T O Kelly, Opening the Ashbourne,  Monument , 1959  

Photo courtesy of Michael Coates,

Site of the Battle of Ashbourne where John Crennigan aged 21 from Swords, and Thomas Rafferty aged 22 from Lusk lost their lives fighting fighting for Irish freedon 

Liam Lynch 

 The late Paddy Weston & Jim Nugent at the 1798 

Commemoration at Ballyboughal 1998.Both their fathers
were members of the Fingal Brigade and active at the
Battle of Ashbourne, 1916. 

 Patrick Joseph Early from Swords      5th Batt.

Fingal Brigade. IRA  who fought at Battle of Ashbourne 1916.

Tom Seavers, Fingal Brigade IRA  Fought in the Battle of Ashbourne,

1798 Memorial at Drisogue, Ballyboughal, Co. Dublin.


Charles Darcy Gave his young life age 15, Fighting for Irelands Freedom 

Martin Savage, Co Sligo,  Died fighting for Irelands freedom on Ashtown Road



 Dan Breen's wedding to Brigid Malone with Sean Hogan as best man and Aine Malone as bridesmaid. June 12 1921



North Longford IRA  Flying Colum 

Elizabeth O Farrell

James J. Heron,  Swords – Born 1898 Volunteer – lst Battalion, F Company,

Dublin Brigade IRA, With his friend Dr May

Kilmainham Prison, Where our 1916 Leaders were executed.
Graves of the 1916 Leaders

 Final resting place of fourteen of our 1916 leaders

at Arbour Hill Cemetery, Dublin.

 Monument To Lt Thomas Coff,  Gave his life for Irelands freedom .

Peadar Clancy Co Clare IRA  killed 21 Nov 1920 Fighting for Ireland's Freedom

Monument To Captain Noel Lemass



 Rory O Connor, Lian Mellows, Richard Barrett, Joe McKelvey,  

 Executed by the Free State Government. on the 8th December 1923,

 Ireland amp Independence - The Easter Rising - 1916

A photo of the G P O after the Easter Rising, Taking from

 the top of Nelsons Pillar 

A photo of the O Rahilly at home before the rising 

The Star pub in Swords Co Dublin owned by the Taylor family after it was burned by the Black and Tans 

 Frongoch  Prison Wales.



Fingal Brigade in Howth 1914 

Dinny Lacey, IRA, Died in action on the 18th Feb 1923  

 Group taken in Swords many years ago; elderly lady in middle is Mary Duff who  came from a Fenian family. She was active in Sinn Fein and Gaelic movements and Cumann na mBan.  Her brother  Tommy fought with the Fingal Brigade 1916 and later their house was burned by the Black & Tans.  

  Sisters Julia Weston & Tomasina Weston Lynders who served in Cumann na mBan - Fingal Brigade.1916.

 Veterans of 1916 Rising (Fingal Brigade) at Ashbourne memorial 1950s.

Donald O Hannigan Commander of the Louth Command IRA  in 1916 

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The Treatment of Irish Women by the Black and Tans
Sentenced to death but commuted to penal servitude for life by
General Officer  Commanding-in-Chief:  

Father Michael O’Flanagan

Father Michael O’Flanagan (1876-1942), the Republican priest and native of County Roscommon, was once described by Cathal Brugha, as “the staunchest priest who ever lived in Ireland”. During his tenure in Sinn Féin he held the offices of President and Vice-President. Fr O’Flanagan had a strong social conscience and was one of the few Catholic priests to defend the Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Easter Rising,Father O’Flanagan addressed a commemoration meeting in St Mary’s Church hall, in Calton, Glasgow, in 1926. The patriot priest stated:

“Pearse represented the new generation in the fight of Easter Week, 1916, and it serves to illustrate how quickly the waves of resurgent national life succeed each other in Ireland, when we remember that side by side with Pearse was the old Fenian who had served so many years of imprisonment in the jails of the Empire, Tom Clarke.

 Eamon De Valera

Video , Richard Coleman Swords

My great grand uncle Arthur Green was a Sergeant Major and member of the IRB who mobilised in 1916 with the Dundalk Volunteers under Commandant Donal O'Hannigan. Myself and a number of Dundalk  relatives made a documentary about what happened the Louth Volunteers.  Marcus Howard.

Arthur Green,  Dundalk

Pat Rankin, Newery who fought at the GPO 

 Con Colbert (standing) and Liam Clarke in Volunteer Uniform prior to Rising.  Liam Clarke was wounded at Church Street (Dublin).

 Mounument to where Lawrence MacDonaugh was shot dead by Black and Tan forces as he walked to Mass. On Inishmore-Aran Islands, Co Galway 

Monument  To Captain Thomas Sheridan, on the roadside outside Ballinagh, Co Cavan, 

Monument to Thomas P Fitzpatrick O/C Cavan Brigade I R A ,  in Ballinagh  Co Cavan

 John Kelly of Dublin who fought in the War of Independence.
He served at the College of Surgeons, St. Stephen's Green Garrison..
He died in 1960.

To the memory of the gallant Men who took part  in the Sheemore ambush Co Leitrim on the 4th March 1921

Monument to Patrick Gill in Drumsna Co Leitrim.

Members of the Irish citizens Army. 

Kevin Barry, Born 20 January 1902. Executed on the 1st November, 1920.   

in Mountjoy Jail, Dublin. Aged 18 years old,

A large crowd knelt and prayed on the eve of the hanging of Kevin Barry aged 18, in Mountjoy Jail,

Mellows, O'Connor, McKelvey & Barrett. The 4 Martyrs who were executed by the Free State on December 8 1922

 The medals awarded to Patrick Wynn, Drumhanny, Mohill. Co Leitrim.

Alter made by Richard Coleman Swords. in Usk Prison Wales.

Tom Barry (1 July 1897 – 2 July 1980) was a prominent guerrilla leader in the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during the Irish War of Independence, when he was commander of the 3rd West Cork Flying Column.
 IRA,  B & C Company Belfast Brigade, Upper Springfield Road, West Belfast, near Hannahstown, August 1921.

Died fighting for Ireland at Seltion Hill, Gorvagh, Co. Leitrim:
Seán O Conghaile, Séamus O Rinn, Seosaimh O Beirn, Micheál
O Baicsteir, Seán S. O Raghallaigh, Seán S. O Raghallaigh.

Mounument to those who fought and died for Irelands freedom in Longford town,
Two brave Soldier of Ireland, From St Margarets ,  before the battle on Easter Monday 1916

Monument to the Republican Soldiers of Laois where the first shots of the 1916 Rising was fired' 

 Molly Childers and Mary Spring,  Howth gun running

Johnny Graves 1 of only 2 Waterford 1916 Easter Rising medal holders with Jackie Walsh of Ballinagoul, Ring. Dec 1920 The photograph was taken on the release of Jackie Walsh from Mountjoy Prison after serving two years.
Photo Waterford Co Museum
Westland Row Station, Dublin, June 1917; large crowd at welcome home for prisoners. 

Headstone  To Edward Ennis 

Monument to Johnny Tadhd O Sullivan

Michael Mallin  

A Member of  Cumann Na mBan from Co Carlow,  Lena Whelan

Padraig H Pearse

Joe Norton, (Swords)  Fingal Brigade I R A  

Commandant Sean Bergin,
OC Flying Column, 1st Battalion South Roscommon Brigade, IRA:  Sean, from Connolly Street, Nenagh, was shot dead while a prisoner at Loughlin Wood.Co Roscommon

On the 8th December 1922, Volunteers Rory O’Connor, Richard Barrett, Liam Mellows and Joseph Mc Kelvey were executed by the Free State.

 'The O'Rahilly'

Tom Barry  

Fingal Old IRA Commemoration Society
at Naul, Easter 2005, Co Dublin.


Sean MacEoin. IRA and IRB activist in Longford.
Sean MacEoin. Commander IRA  Longford.
 Seán MacEoin and the flying column. Twenty-one column members ambushed two lorries carrying Auxiliaries at Clonfin on the road from Ballinalee to Granard. 
Thomas Kent, Cork was executed by firing squad at the Detention Barracks Cork  on the 9th May 1916.
   The medals awarded to Christopher Doyle. he was at Marrowbone Lane, and sent to Knutsford Prison on 3rd May 1916. 

Drumbo, Co Donegal 


Monument to the People of Carlow who fought and died for Irelands Freedom 


1798 Monument at Knock Co Mayo 

Monument  in Caltra,  Co Galway , To the Men from the area who Fought for Irelands freedom. 

The donor of this photo is anxious to find information on her grand uncle Arthur Murphy who is in this photo.    If you recognize the setting of the photo or Arthur Murphy please get in touch.   The photo was taken by Art Studio, North Earl Street - he is said to have lived in Tyrone Street Dublin. Our records show an Arthur Murphy in Lewes Prison 1916.

Monument at Coolbawn Co Kilkenny, to Sean Hartly & Nicholas Mullins who gave their lives for Irish Freedom,  in June 1921.

 An anti-Treaty IRA column in Tipperary in 1922. Aiken's Fourth Northern Division would have looked much the same.

 An anti-Treaty IRA column in Tipperary in 1922. 

Momument in Pettigo, Co Donegal. To Patrick Flood, Bernard McCanny, William Kearny,  Who died fighting British forces on the 4/6/1922. and William Deasley who died from his  wounds on the 6/6/1922   



   Berni Radford,


Co Wexford. Died Fighting the Free State Soldiers on the 10th

 January 1923

 Con McCarthy. Murrintown.

Co Wexford , Died Fighting the Free State Soldiers 

on 10th Jan 1923.

  James Parle, Age 25, Taghmon

 Co wexford.

Executed by the Free State Government 

  John Creane, Age 18, Taghmon Co 

 Wexford,  Executed by the Free State Government

  Patrick Hogan,Age 20. William St

 Wexford,  Executed by the Free State Government.

 In Stafford Jail after the surrender:

Includes: Joe Sweeney, John Kilgallon, E. Bulfin, Frank Burns, T. Clifford, Fergus O'Kelly, Michael Collins, Dan Daly, James Ryan, Brian Joyce, Ed. Dore, Fintan Murphy, Eunan McGinley, Desmond Ryan.

The Mendicity Institution  

 Anne Cooney in her Cumann na mBan uniform 1916.

 Paddy Weafer:

 was from Wexford  . His brother Thomas was Captain of F Company, and to many the effective day to day commander of the 2nd Battalion.IRA , Both he and his brother were involved in procuring arms in the run up to the Rising which they distributed from their flat on the North Circular Road. Weafer fought at Annesley Bridge and the GPO during the Rising. (Thomas was shot and killed during Easter Week, and is commemorated by a plaque at Lower Abbey Street).

  Front (L, to R,) Willie Ronan, James Doyle, Middle row standing up: James Walsh, sitting down (Eddie} Michael Byrne,  James Joseph Grace, Joe Clarke, standing up Thomas Walsh, Back row: Patrick Doyle, Patrick Roe.

Monument at Pilltown  

 Postcard from 1916  (Swords Museum)

 Capt. Thomas Weafer who was shot and killed at the Hibernian Bank, Sackville St. on the 26th April, 1916 was a married man who was living in North Dublin at the time of the insurrection He was from Enniscortthy Co wexford

Mick Fitzgearld  

 A member of the Irish Republican Army  was hanged in Mountjoy gaol by the free state Government   during the Irish War of Independence. Thomas Traynor was born in Cannon’s Quarter Tullow County Carlow


The House where the famous battle  of Mount Street bridge was fought from 

October 5 1922:  IRA officer Sean O’Donoghue is shot dead by Free State troops in Cork city,

 Galway Brigade IRA, 1918

 Monument To Patrick Loughran, in Dungannon Co Tyrone

Patrick Loughran was from a large Republican family who lived on Quinn’s Row, off Anne Street in Dungannon. He was 27 years old at the time of his death and worked as market trader. He was very prominent in the GAA in Dungannon playing for Dungannon Thomas Clarke Gaelic Football and Hurling Club. Indeed he played for Tyrone against Armagh a month before he died.

 Joseph (Joe) Lacey died from complications as a result of Hunger Strike at the Curragh Hospital on the 24th of December 1923

Eamon Ceannt 

 IRA Volunteer Patrick Joseph Murphy, who died after Seventy Six days on hunger strike in Cork Jail on October 25, 1920.

 Michael Galvin, Kilmurry  7th Battalion, Cork No 1 Brigade, Irish Republican Army, who was killed by British crown forces during an ambush at Lissarda Co. Cork on the 22 of August 1920
Joseph Mc Donagh, Brother of Thomas McDonagh . He died on hunger strike on Christmas Day 1922.
Monument in Ballbriggan Co Dublin 

Sligo Men who died Fighting for Irelands Freedom

After heavy fighting in the North Sligo area 6 IRA Volunteers were found dead on Belbulben Mountain. For several days the Free State Army engaged the IRA forces, it was during these engagement the Anti-Treaty forces used and were forced to abandon the Ballinalee Armoured Car. Accounts of how the Anti-Treaty Volunteers died differ, the Free State Army account state that the six were killed in gun battles while the IRA side claim that at least three if not all were taken prisoner and executed.September 20 1922:

Christopher Lucey was shot dead by British forces at Tureen Dubh Ballingeary Nov 10, 1920
Monument to the Men  who gave their young lives for Irelands freedom  in Ballinlough
Monument in Loughlin Co Roscommon